Fictional Worlds I Want to Live in


We’ve all imagined ourselves living somewhere else. Sometimes in places that only exist in our imagination. Here’s a list of five fictional worlds I would want to live in:

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Stieg Larsson

Stieg LarssonSteig Larsson is known for his Millennium Trilogywhich a fictional book series that tries to combat sexual violence. However, most people are unaware of why he wrote it.

After receiving at typewriter for his twelfth birthday. Three years later he witnessed a gang rape of a girl named Lizabeth. He said he regretted that he didn’t do anything to help her and afterwards he tried to identify the men that did it.

His original name was Stig, but it was changed because one of his friends was also named Stig Larsson and it became confusing. He became editor and coeditor of many sci-fi magazines such as Sfaren and Fijah.

His first three books were made into movies in the year 2009 by a Swedish and Nordisk film production. He series has sold 80 million copies worldwide.

Unfortunately, Larsson wasn’t able to see his success. On November 9th 2004, he died of a heat attack at age 50. The book series was originally supposed to be ten volumes. The forth book wasn’t published in tell after he died. However, his brother claims he had worked on some it before it went into the public eye.

His estate and royalties went to his father in brother. His long time partner, Eva Gabirielson didn’t inherit anything because Sweden doesn’t recognize common law marriage. They didn’t marry because then they would have to give the address that they lived in, so they didn’t it for security reasons.


How You can use Reading to Help You Relax

candle and book

Reading gives us more benefits than we might think. A lot of us like to read for pleasure and getting to go into another world and not having to worry about the problems in our lives can be a great feeling. However, I think books can do a lot more for us then we thought. They can help us relax and relieve stress.

There was a study at the University of Sussex, they concluded that reading “can reduce stress by up to 68%.” Although, you’d have to find the right book. If you find one that you don’t like it probably won’t help you. So just search in tell you find one that you’ll enjoy. The Telegraph has found that emerging yourself into a book can, “[ease] the tension in the muscles and heart,” too. Their article also talked about the research done at the University of Sussex.

I think just reading in itself and can reduce stress quite a bit and help people relax. Using other resources while your reading can help make the reduction of stress greater. I use aromatherapy while I read. I’ll light a candle in my room when I read on my bed -my favorite’s are peppermint and lavender. I think lighting candles while I’m reading help me to go into an even deeper relaxation. There is also a fish tank in my room with water that gently flows into it. I find it calming too and putting all three together puts me at ease.

Unfortnately, there are a lot of you out there who don’t get the satisfaction of relaxing. I wanted to list a couple of things that helped me so I can help you. I’ve had years where I’ve worked so much that I would come home with tension headaches and I don’t wish that on anybody. I hope this post helps you find a way to relax and breathe.


The Girl who Played With a Little More than Fire

I finally finished the second book of Stieg Larsson’s series and I will say that all my expectations were fulfilled. Rarely have a been bored with his first two books and the story just keeps getting more and more layers too. It’s like as soon as you feel like you know Lizbeth Slander, you find out that there’s something else she’s been hiding. Even if most of her secrets are revealed, they’re are many other characters that try to hide things. There is so much more to Larsson’s characters then I could have ever dreamed of.

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Should the Millennium Trilogy Continue?

If you’re into fictional crime novels, you’ve probably at least heard of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium TrilogyIt became a big hit, selling millions of books in several different languages. It has all kinds of crime, from computer hacking to murder. It is one of the most complex and intriguing book series that I have ever read.

However, after the death of the original author, the story seems to have come to an end. He had planned to write many more volumes, but unfortunately he never for the chance. I am currently almost finished reading his second book, The Girl Who Played with Fire. Even though I hadn’t read the forth book yet, I believe Larsson’s passion for the story might be enough motivation for others to finish the story for him.

I’ve read serval book series in my life, the only ones that I loved were the ones where more than one person contributed to the story. I read the Warrior Cats series when I was younger. It has over twelve series of books and a couple of authors. I think allowing others to add to the story makes it a lot less predictable and a lot more interesting.

I think the way Larsson wrote his books will keep us wanting more. If you read his books, you know it mostly focuses on Lizbeth Slander, but the spotlight isn’t always on her. Every few pages or so Larsson changes the perspective, making it harder for the reader to piece together what’s going on. For the majority of the second book, Slander’s perceptive wasn’t seen often. Which allowed the reader to draw their own conclusions about what happened to her and gave them the motivation to want to continue reading.

Again, I am upset that Larsson will never be able to finish the book himself. However, I think the message his was trying to send is far more important. Crime is still committed, and good people have to suffer because of it. I think continuing his books will help the public learn about crime in a fun and intriguing way.

Do you think the series should continue or do you think it will “never be the same,” without the author?

Who did it? The Women in Cabin Ten by Ruth Ware

the women in cabin ten.jpg

Let me first just talk about the cover, no matter how much someone will try to drill into a readers head that the cover doesn’t matter it still won’t happen. Humans are visual creatures and there isn’t much we can do to change that. The cover on The Women in Cabin Ten literally caught my eye, some kind of shiny material was used to add more detail to the rain and I loved the texture of the book. If you’re not really a nook person like I am the texture might also be something authors, and publishers should keep in mind. The shades of blue they used on the cover was good too, it had some dark shades to it, giving it an eerie feeling. I thought the window itself was also appealing, it makes the viewer think there’s something I’m looking into, maybe something I’m not supposed to be seeing, but I get to see it anyway.

Thrillers, crime, and mysteries are the types of books I’ve come to read more and more. The Women in Cabin Ten seemed like a little bit of all three, with burglary, a missing person, things going missing. The sub plots were intriguing, with the main character having a little romance going on and the backgrounds of the other characters were unique, each had their own personality, one I found to be quite funny. My head was spinning with theories, did so and so do this? If so and so did it then what about this? But they couldn’t have done because this other thing happened! It was hard to get everything to add up and eventually I ended up giving up on what I thought was going to happen and just let the book take me where it wanted me to go.

How did you feel about this book? If you’re thinking about reading it what questions do you have? Did you like the romantic subplots or did you think it was too much?


War Between Literary and Genre Writing? Give Me a Break!

Book drama is more real than someone might think, but it isn’t always authors rubbing against each other, it’s the books themselves that some people argue about. If someone wants to read literary fiction, go ahead, if someone wants to read genre fiction, go ahead. Don’t try and tell someone that one is better than the other. There are good and bad books in each category, but whether one is good or bad can be based on someone’s personal opinion and not nessarlily something the author did incorrect. Here are some things I have found that people have used to make either side appear better:

1) Literary Snobbs

book snob meme

Some people who enjoy literary books won’t even read genre books, but they believe they have a right to criticize them. People such as Jennifer Robson, a genre writer, has come across this issue and she discussed it in a video that talks about literary books and popular books. No one should criticize a book if they haven’t even read it to begin with. If someones a literary reader(or a genre reader) they are not entitled to tell someone either category is bad without being reasonable.

2) The Genre Bandwagon

Some genre writers might agree that genre books are better due to their popularity.  However, it could also be due to ads and marketing or people could be reading the book just because everyone else is reading it. There might be a certain genre that’s popular for a certain period of time, horror books might be more popular during the fall or romance books might be more popular in February. A lot of people might have read it, but they does’t mean they actually enjoyed it.

3) Literary Suffocation

forced to read in school

Ruth Graham wrote a post with the first sentence being, “Read whatever you want.” That sentence was only only meant to cushion her next sentence which was, “you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children.” Most genre books are typically YA, especially science fiction and fantasy. Which is -indirectly- another cut into genre books. She states that adults are, “better than this!” Which is far from statics, in the entire world roughly 20-15% of adults can’t even in read. Most adults in America can only read at a 7th or 8th grade level with only 15% of adults able to read at full literacy.

In order to change this we can’t blame people for not having a higher level of thinking. Someone that reads at full literacy should allow themselves to go into a “lower level” of thinking so that their level of thinking is easier for other people to understand. They can’t do that if the only books they’ve read recently are books some people can’t even comprehend.

Kids don’t jump from Dr. Seuss to Charles Dickens in a day, they need to read plenty of books their age first in order to understand it. How can adults write books for kids if they aren’t allowed to read them themselves? Adults need to read them to find out what catches a child’s attention so they can learn to read better.

Sure, literary books might grant us a higher understanding of the world around us -some genre books could do that too-, but without genre books I don’t think people would begin to read in the first place.


How to be a Fearless Writer

fearless person

If you want to write a good story, novel, or even a simple blog post you can’t agree with what everyone says, or write about what’s trending at the time. Here are some tips on how to be a fearless writer:

1) What is important to you?

You have to write about something that is important to you if you ever want to write fearlessly.  There may be people that disagree -some might harshly criticize you- but what’s important is that you are true to your readers. You can’t please everyone and soon people will find out what you’re trying to do and they will stop reading. However, if you are true to your readers and you write things that are completely and wholeheartedly something you believe in, you will soon find a group of people that agree with what you believe -maybe even more than you might think.


2) What is your symbol?

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If you support LGBT rights, you know a rainbow is normally the symbol for the group of people that do. If you work as a Fedex employee, you’ll know the hidden symbol in the logo. Why should you have a symbol? Simple, so the group of people that believe what you believe in will have an easier time finding you. Symbols how are what help us stay strong and stay together. The symbol will help attract your group of people so they can help support you and make your voice even stronger and heard.


3) Block out the haters

blocking out the haters

It is good to have healthy criticism, but if someone is giving your content rueful comments without an explanation as to why, then you should probably stop listening. Some people just was to tear others down and it can be easy for them to -especially when they’re behind a screen- keep going and remember there is someone out there that feels the same way you do.


Happy blogging!

Arrival and the Story Behind It

When we think of aliens the first thing that pops into our mind is the idea that they will invade earth and destroy humanity as we know it, but what if that wasn’t the case? In the movie Arrival and The Story of You, that wasn’t quite what was envisioned, more like the complete opposite.

The story and the movie gave way to an entirely new concept: the idea of trying to understand an alien language polar opposite of our own, using not only linguists, but also physics and learning to change ones thought process to really understand how they communicated.

There was something rather unique about their thought process, if you learned their language well, you where able to foresee the future, but whether or not one could change it remained unknown. The person that learned to foresee the future -the main character- let what would happen, happen, but whether or not she could have changed it still remains uncertain, at least in the book.

The major difference between the book and the movie was how deeply they went into the divorce the main character had. In the story it was brief, no answer as to why they were divorced, but in the movie the main character told the husband what was going to happen, but since she told him then would he have been able to change the future? The divorce made it seem that he didn’t like the idea of it, so is that evidence enough, that they indeed, could not change what was going to happen?

In most stories simliar to this one, if one can see the future, they normally can change it. It’s feels good to see a story in a new perspective, I’m tired of hearing the same old thing. It helps me think of new ideas and thinking like everyone else can get really bland sometimes. Quite a bit of “new” ideas are just reruns of something someone created a long time ago.

The movie wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be, if anything the movie help to guide my vision of the story instead of surpressing it. The movie didn’t really give a “new” vision of the story, and it really bugs me when someone takes a book and tries to flip it around to match a certain theme.

If it’s a different vision, its an entirely different idea and should not be advertised as the same thing.


Thirteen Reasons Why People Might Want to Die


I’m not saying suicide isn’t serious, but I do think these aren’t good reasons for someone to want to die. Then again, that could be the reason why the author wrote the book, to show people that logic isn’t a factor in suicide, people kill themselves because they believe it is their only option. After a few years, I’ve come to understand it a little better. However, if you are suicidal please don’t allow the things on this list to be a reason to choose suicide.

1. Blaming others

I was once told a story of two bothers that had a drunk and abusive father. When they grew up, one of the boys ended up a lot like his father and claimed it was his father’s fault that he acted this way. The other grew up to have a successful company and live a happy life. I’m not saying bad things in life aren’t bad, but whether you overcome them or not is your choice and no one else’s.

2. “A lot of you cared, just not enough.”

People do care about you, especially your family, but you should care about yourself more than anyone else. It is your responsibility to make sure no one treats you like a door mat, so many people are using others these days it’s hard enough to get them off our back, let alone someone else’s.

3. She clings to the past

Listen, if you’re a teenager like me remember, we are young, we’re probably making more mistakes than most people and that’s okay. We have little experience with this world and for most of us this is only one sixth of our lives. Give the world a better chance, give yourself a better chance. Eventually people heal and although the scar might still be there it’s still good that it’s over right? Some things that helped me stop clinging to the past were deleting texts from people that were negative. Deleting my facebook account so I didn’t have to deal with all the negative stuff people post.

4. She never got mad

Although the author might have told us when Hannah was mad, I don’t think she ever expressed her anger with other characters in the book. I think had she gotten mad at one of the antagonists at least once, her life might have been completely different. She might have realized she had power, power to let people know the truth, but she never did. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t give up your fight. If someone has wronged you then let it be known even if you think no one would care. Sometimes all it takes is just to say something.

5. She made others suffer

Clay,- the person who listens to the tapes in the book – forces himself to listen to this tape. Had she forgotten that he was her friend? A friend that clung on to every word on those tapes and stayed awake during the night listening to them. I believe he already cared about her and she made her death even more saddening by sending those tapes to him. If you think others don’t care about you remember, your not in their mind. You might think that they think bad about you, but in reality they might really like and respect you.

6. She let some of this stuff happen…

I won’t spoil exactly what happened, but I will say she allowed some bad things to happen to her to make her hate herself even more. Don’t ever think so negatively about yourself that you just don’t even care what happens to you. You are a human being and don’t deserve to be treated badly.

7. What about her family?

My family cried when my cousin(who was only sixteen at the time) died in a car crash. It still bothers them to this day and they still talk about him a lot. They loved him and cared about him. They kept his room clean for years and had funeral flowers in his room and set his PJs on his bed. When a family member dies young it drives your family mad with sadness. My cousin would be twenty-seven today if it hadn’t been for the crash.

8. She never told anyone straight up, that she was depressed.

Hannah was always subtle when she used her way of ‘telling’ others she thought of suicide. Here’s the problem with this: if you aren’t straightforward with someone they might never know what your thinking. We can’t read minds, if you’re depressed tell someone it doesn’t have to be a therapist, if your too afraid to tell your friends tell a stranger. Strangers have encouraged more people to live than we might think.

Don’t ever let anyone degrade you if you let them know that you’re having negative thoughts. Nobody in this would is happy and giddy all the time. We have our bad times too and sometimes people will even be able to relate to yours well and you can both talk about how unjust it was and comfort each other.

9.“Everything seemed good, but I knew it had the potential to be awful.”

She looked at the glass as half empty and not half full, I know we do think this way every once in a while, but Hannah was diving too deep into this. If she had looked for something positive, even just a little thing, it could have flipped her life around. If things seems really bad then analyze what’s going on in your life. Think: what can I do to change my life to make it better? Should I eat healthier? Should I go for a run or workout? Should I go to an animal rescue and pet some dogs to get some animal therapy?

10. She didn’t have many goals

I’m an ambitious person, and I think Hannah might have had a few goal here and there, but not many. I think goals are important and they help give someone a reason to live no matter how small or big it is. It gives a person something to do other than dwell on their depression. Even if those goals aren’ completed it gets people to think about doing something other than trying to die. Maybe you want to cook something, maybe you want to read a book, or go for a hike some where.

11. She let fear take over her

No one should let fear control them, we are humans, the top of the food chain, one of the most intelligent species on planet earth. What do we have to fear? Sometimes I think it is not fear that controls us, but the power we have within us to do great things.

12. She hung out with the wrong people

Hannah stuck with bad people, people who I would block out of my life and act as though my phone was more interesting than them whenever they got near me. Some of the people Hannah met I would try to block out of my life and make sure they knew it.

13. She… was… LOVED

Not matter how helpless she might have felt, people still love her even though she was fictional. We are not robots, we are people, people who have feelings for others and even things that aren’t our species. We have therapists and doctors and dentists and donors. Why? Because we care about what happens to people. However, it you find yourself surrounded by people who just hate on you then I highly recommend you get out of there -if you can. I think looking into things like emotional intelligence might help to understand why people might act that way.

Please click here for the suicide prevention hotline.