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Yancey Activity, Pt 2

Yancey states that reflection both process and product.

I think Yancey wants us to reflect on our own work and figure out how we can make it better. When she discuss reflection in action she states its, ” the process of reviewing and projecting and revising which takes place within a composing event, and the associated texts.”

A course of action we could take to use what Yancey says is to look back at what we’ve done in the past and learn from our mistakes and remember what we succeeded in. Then apply that to the future and use it to do better.

Group 5 – In-class Yancey Reflection (pg. 5)

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Page 5 begins by discussing how reflection can lead to a “growth of consciousness”. Essentially, this means for someone to have a sense of awareness for the learning process that they participated in. The author defines reflection as most successful once it becomes habitual and natural, rather than a process that occurs after learning. Students were questioned about how they learn to write. This questioning becomes a text, or transcript, and becomes the primary source of information for their research. The author states that their is importance in the students being aware of what is going on “inside their own heads”. The research found through the questioning of the students and how they learned affected the practice of teaching. The purpose of the research was not to make the students just objects of study, but to benefit them in their own process of learning. this is the process of reflection.

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Yancey: On reflection (Pianko)


Pianko tells of how the process of reflection is embedded in writing by observing  a group of students in a controlled environment, under certain restrictions. He observed how each individual “rescans and pauses” on what they had just composed.

“The ability to reflect on what is being written seems to be the essence of  the difference of able to and not so able to writers from their initial writing experience onward.”

A good writer is able to learn from their own writing and improve the texts the he/she writes due to pondering on their own works of writing. A good writer understands that their piece can always be improved upon through reflection.

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Reflection in the Classroom

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In a classroom students are helpful for “teachers to theorize their classroom presence” (Yancey), in other words students help teachers to tweak their teaching style. But this makes students sound like lab subjects, not part of the experiment. Students need to be treated as they’re part of the study, along with the teacher, learning new styles of learning and teaching. Reflection is not about someones ability or inability, but instead about pausing and thinking, and looking back. Reflection is about the consciousness growing and becoming better developed.

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Reflection on Yancy

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The reflection we did was on Yancy’s in class example. Everyone was nervous for the start of the semester and the first paper although none of the papers counted so far and were “preparatory, they didn’t count” the students thought that the paper wasn’t graded and didn’t count other than the professor knowing what kind of writer they were but that was false. Everyone was eager for the weekend and believed they were done writing when the professor told them they “had one more text to write”. This was the important text, the one that mattered. The reflection was the “graded” text. They were the ones grading their papers and the professor was more interested in what they thought about their writing than what he thought about their writing. “It is reflection which simulates the growth on consciousness in students about the numerous mental and linguistic strategies they command and about…

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Group 2 Post

Prompt: What we can learn about the writing process through creative writers in the Yancey article.

We’ve found that in order to compose something we have to reflect on something. It states that, ” the ability to reflect on what is being written seems to be the essence of the difference between able and not so able writers from their initial writing experience onward.”

We learned that we can use reflection to grow our state of mind. By this I mean, that reflection can help us get better at the writing process. It can help us learn from our mistakes, see different perspectives, and help us determine how we will write in the future.

3.12.2017 Three Minute Class Reflection

“Reflection,” is “habitual and learned.” I think that is the main point of Yancey’s text. It redefines what it means to teach. People need to, “witness their own learning,” in order to be successful. People can’t get a math problem right if they keep doing it the wrong way, but have sometime else(a teacher) fix it for them. When people do this they miss a whole portion of learning.

Reflection and it’s Importance


Reflection is something I do constantly -although not always with schoolwork. Recently, I’ve been reflecting on the exercising I’ve been doing or the diet I’ve chosen. I’ve been tweaking it, finding out what’s worked and what hasn’t worked. However, sometimes I know there’s stuff that doesn’t work, but I still continue to do it. 

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