Life Discussions

On this page will talk about things that I’ve experienced. And hopefully things others have experienced as well. That way we can talk about life issues and ways to make them better. However, sometimes just talking about it makes life easier to deal with.

Most of my life discussion will consist of growing up. It has only been about a year or two since I’ve been out of High School and I’m slowly figuring out what it means to be an adult. I will discuss some of my struggles from finding my purpose in life to deciding who I should be hanging out with -or if its better to just have no friends at all.

Throughout my life, I’ve gone from trying college to working a job that wouldn’t be able to sustain me and now finally to a job that will allow me to have my writing hobby while at the same time being able to sustain myself.

My life might not mean a lot to people, but I hope that people who need to find my writing will find it and feel like they’re not the only ones that have struggled through the same things that I have.

What are some of the struggles in your life? In what ways have you overcome them?