Writing Wednesday: Prompt 12

“I can’t believe you would lie to me like that!” Jennie’s curly black hair puffed out to the edges of her shoulders as she crossed her arms and glared at me.

I closed my locker and stuffed my binders in my back pack. “Lie to you about what?” I walked toward my next class and she followed.

“You being with Jayce last night.”

I turned to face her, I was just outside the door of my class room and I could see him waving at us. “What are you talking about? I was studying-”

“Studying my ass! I saw the photos of you kissing my boyfriend you slut, I can’t believe I was even friends with you!” The color drained from my face and my brown eyes widened at her tone. The chattered behind me had stopped and I could see Jennie’s glaze stab directly at Jayce’s before she stormed off to her next class.

Everyone watched as I took my seat in the back of the room next to Jayce. Then the teacher began her lecture and Jayce put a hand to his face and mouthed, ‘what was that about?’

“I don’t know.”


I used to think that being in America I would have the freedom to do what I want -but now I realize that’s not the case. For people that relay on their jobs to keep the bills paid not only is their less time for them to do what they want, but in some cases they are also censored. Women that want to go braless for health reasons sometimes can’t if they’re afraid their jobs won’t allow it. People can’t say what they really think for fear of being fired.

Now that I’ve found a 9 to 5 job, at first I thought this is it, this is where I want to be. However, after reviewing everything I’ve experienced I realized that it’s just not. I want the freedom to write whenever I please, run whenever its nice out, and spend time with my family without my job limiting my time with them. And now I’ve realized that freedom doesn’t come free -even if you live in America. People have made their own way, making passive income, learning how to earn money without really working.

Do I think it would be bad if everyone lived this way? No, in fact I think the more people that do it the more we can become even more independent and we’d have more freedom because there won’t be other people demanding that we do stuff for them. We’ve found ways that have made modern living even easier for us to do on our own than ever before. And if all of us managed to find a way to make passive income for us to take care of ourselves, I still don’t think all of us would quit our jobs. We would probably just work less.

If all of us found a way to take care of ourselves without really doing much there would still be plenty of time to ‘work’. I don’t think everyone is lazy and even when I have my lazy days if I’m lazy for too long I kind of get twitchy and end up wanting to do something.

I think having the freedom to get away from big companies and become on our boss might even help us find new ideas too. Most jobs from my experience end up being pretty repetitive and I think allowing ourselves the freedom to face new experiences can help us to think differently.

As I refine my idea of what freedom really is I’m beginning to get a stronger pull to do my own thing -and hopefully get benefits from that. And I’d feel guilty if I ended up doing this and realized that other people still haven’t caught on. Having a job was a constant pressure that my parents always lectured me about. I’ve found that just because someone is ‘jobless’ that does not mean they are an unproductive lazy person. In fact, I think people that are productive without a ‘job’ are even more motivated than people with jobs because they don’t have to have the constant pressure from other people to encourage them to continue working. They just do what they want to do without anyone telling them otherwise.

That I believe is true freedom, and I hope to get closer and closer to it as life goes on.


What do you define freedom as? Do you think it has to be earned or do you think we all have the right to it?

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 11

My name is Peter.

My name is Peter.

My name is Peter, Peter Hayes and I’m slowly losing control of my own body and possibly my memories.

They hover above me injecting god knows what into my body. They all wear googles and face masks, but I think they only really wear those so I won’t recognize them that well. The back of my neck hurts from them cutting into it, they said they inserted some kind of chip into my neck. However, during that time I pretended to be asleep. A few days ago a military man came in with what appeared to be an iPad -but I came to realize it did a lot more than an iPad could. With the device he began controlling my hands as they remained restrained on the metal table I laid on.

Today, I’m walking outside of the lab for the first time in months. They think I’m gone and I’m trying give them every reason to think that way. Today, a walk out onto the city streets in normal clothes as if nothing had ever happened -accept I have no control over my body.

Prompt: Write about one of your biggest fears.

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 10

Her curly brown hair went down her body in waves as she looked between the cracks of the wooden floor beneath her. Then looked in her dresser as the footsteps crept closer. Her heart began to race and she moved her dresser towards the only entrance to the bedroom. She looked under her sheet covers hoping she’d see some kind of sparkle and be saved.

She heard them pounding at the door, “Lilth Galmoore you are sentenced to be hung for treason by order of the queen.” She ripped the bottom of her dress as she walked toward her wardrobe. She took it off and quickly changed into a white linen shirt and trousers. Then she felt something solid in it’s pocket and let out a breathe. In the back of her closest she took out a brown cocked hat with a long white feather. She put the white amulet around her neck and hid it underneath her shirt. Then she put on the hat and leaned against the wall farthest from the entrance.

The dresser came crashing down, shattering the small knick knacks the where on top of it. The guards set down the large long log that knocked the door down and raced after her. The first one hit the amulets protective shield around the pirate girl and he felt it in disbelief. Only the small amount of light the came in the room that allowed the shield to glimmer in certain places, hinting at where the shield was. Then the queen’s head knight came up to the shield and tried to slice it with his sword, but the sword bounced back and nearly hit the guard behind him.

The girl narrowed her eyes at men with her arms folded. “I am Amber Lionheart,” she said. “Your queen outcast my father for a crime he did not commit.” The men stared and the head knight glared at her and was about to protest. “Your queen has you like dogs on a leash,” Amber continued. “She stole thousands of pounds of precious gems from my family as well as others and took it to that pig Lance.”

“She was looking for that amulet that you so willingly show now,” the head knight said. “If your family would’ve have just given to her none of this would’ve happened.”

Amber began to walk past them, the amulets shield forcing them to move. “Oh please honey,” she said, “she doesn’t deserve it.”


Prompt: Write about losing something a character needed and then finding it at the last minute.

A Dog’s Way Home Book Review

Lucas Ray is shocked when an adorable puppy jumps out of an abandoned building and into his arms. Though the apartment he shares with his mother, a disabled veteran, doesn’t allow dogs, Lucas can’t resist taking Bella home.

Bella is inexplicably drawn to Lucas, even if she doesn’t understand the necessity of games like No Barks. As it becomes more difficult to hide her from the neighbors, Lucas begins to sneak Bella into the VA where he works. There, Bella brings joy and comfort where it is needed most.

After Bella is picked up by Animal Control because pit bulls are banned in Denver, Lucas has no choice but to send her to a foster home until he can figure out what to do. But Bella, distraught at the separation, doesn’t plan to wait. With four hundred miles of dangerous Colorado wilderness between her and her person, Bella sets off on a seemingly impossible and completely unforgettable adventure home.

A classic story of unwavering loyalty and incredible devotion, A Dog’s Way Home is a beautifully told, charming tale that explores the unbreakable bond between us and our pets. This fantastic and exhilarating journey of the heart is in the same tradition as the beloved bestseller, A Dog’s Purpose.

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.18.35 AM

After finishing this book I love everything it had to offer. It reminded me just how hard it is to get justice for animals and how the stereotyping of pit bulls is still around. Even though Bella didn’t know it, her owners weren’t just fighting to keep her. They were fighting a broken system that believed all ‘pit bulls’ were bad. And it’s unfortunate since technically pit bulls are even a recognized breed, but many people use it as an excuse to put a dog down.

I get that some of us have been extremely irresponsible and have let the pet population get out of hand. However, we can’t just make animals take the blame for it. I think only certain people should have the right to breed their pets, which should have certain standards that wouldn’t encourage puppy mills to continue treating their animals poorly. A sort of certification that would only allow those with enough resources to do so. I get that this could limit the gene pool, however, we are people and at times we are smart and I’m sure we can find a way around that.

I think that some of the things that Bella did for her family is unteachable for the most part. And I think as soon as they let the dog catcher know that Bella was a therapy dog he should’ve just left them alone. Animals can help someone’s emotional state better than humans can in some ways. No one with the resources to take of care them should have them taken away for something that’s more like a matter of tolerance than an actual issue. 

I’m glad that this book has the dog’s perspective without it being another version of A Dog’s Purpose. It’s helped me think about issues that I don’t usually have to because I live in a place that doesn’t stereotype dogs for the most part. And to all of you who have had your dog(s) taken away for this reason I am so sorry that humanity has done this to you. If there a petition out there that you want me to sign then just let me know.

Have you read this book? What parts of this book do you agree or disagree with?



January Reflection

I’m glad the small goals I’ve set for this blog have been completed. However, I don’t feel I’ve been as involved as I’ve wanted to be. My work life has been crazy and now I’ve finally found a more routine job that pays more and has less crazy hours. Trying to do things outside of work has been hard. Some days my sleep cycle is so messed I just want to take a nap. I’m hoping this new job will really help me get more motivated to think about other goals I want to complete outside of work.

One possible goal being if I should complete my college education and get a degree. It has always been something my family has nagged at me to get.  However, balancing work, school and all my other responsibilities kind of became a train wreck by the time I finished my first year of college and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to handle it. I’m thinking about just sticking to this job, but I don’t know for sure. As much as I want to make better opportunities for myself I also just want to take things a little bit at a time for the sake of my own sanity.

As for this blog, my regularly scheduled prompts will still continue as well as motivation Mondays until I find something more interesting to post. And of course my reflections and book reviews will continue each month as well.

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 9

Tony slammed the door to his room, “your a sinner Tony! A sinner! Do you hear me!” His mom shouted downstairs. “You’re going to go to hell for this.” He put his headphones on his ears and sat with his back against the door. His jaw clenched on his angular face. He could hear his mom shouting faintly as he listened to Passenger. Holes was his favorite song and sometimes after his mom shouting at him, he would listen to it and cry. But this time he listened to it and no tears came. Her yelling was expected at this point and with an emotionless face he got up and grabbed his backpack. He took out his binders and papers and put in a box of granola bars and trail mix he had bought and kept in his room. He grabbed the flashlight in the drawer underneath his night stand. He clipped a small sleeping bag to his backpack. Then he reached into his closet and underneath his shoes. After lifting some of them, it revealed a small wooden chest that he placed it on his desk. He took a key that he had carefully hidden underneath a jar of pencils. Inside was a small bag of weed, a glass bowl and three thousands dollars worth of cash. He stuffed it all in his bag, then he opened up his window and waited.

When it was dark and Tony hadn’t heard the movement of his parents for a few hours, he grabbed his backpack and climbed onto the roof. The moonlight made the gel in his curly black hair shine. He used his Dad’s truck as a staircase down the roof. As he walked down the sidewalk, adrenaline pumped through his veins, Tony had tried to run away a few times, but this time he wasn’t coming back -at least he hoped. Chelsea, a girl who had been pretending to be his girlfriend, texted him that she had found a way for him to leave for good. Tony hoped her solution wasn’t staying with her, even though they had a good relationship -despite not actually being a couple- if he had to stay with her parents there might still be a chance that his parents would find him.

Tony was not willing to take that risk.

He walked out of his neighborhood and though knee high grass near the road. When car lights came up the hill, Tony dived underneath a brick mailbox as the car went by. He could hear his heart beating in his ears. Had it just been a night walk with his friends Tony wouldn’t have cared who saw them. But he worried that if someone looked at him, they might be able to sense what his intentions were. He walked into a park, past soccer fields and made it to a lake that was halfway fenced. There was a forest of trees that connected to the end of the fence and he pushed through some chicken wire to get past it. There was a dirt path that was next to lake and it curved into the forest. The path was big enough for a four wheeler to get through and Tony could feel the tire marks underneath his feet.

He walked the dirt path for a few miles, then he got out his flashlight and shined it into the forest. He walked towards a berry bush the had twine tied to its branch. Then he walked serval yards away to a tree that had the same twine tied around it. To the average  person, they probably couldn’t see the twine unless they knew they were supposed to look for it. Tony had gone down this path serval times -but never in the dark on his own.

He almost bumped into the large camp tarp that covered the small wooden building that he had made years ago with his close circle of friends. He lifted an opening in the tarp and let it slide onto his back as he opened the door to the building. The door had a window, as did two sides of the square building. But since it was constructed illegally Dave, one of Tony friends who was a senior when Tony was a freshmen, had decided to get a pretty expensive tarp and cover it. The building didn’t have the best insulation, but they had eventually installed a stove furnace and cut open part of the tarp and the roof so the smoke could come out. However, his group of friends decided only to use it when it was dark and cloudy to avoid giving away their location. This time, Tony just used his jacket to keep warm and he got out some of his weed and lit it with the lighter in his pocket.

That didn’t stop him from jumping when the door clicked open, but his shoulders relaxed when he noticed the shiny short black hair cut sharply where her hair met her face. Chelsea reached out her hand and Tony gave her the bowl. She wore torn up jeans and black hiking boots with a blue and pink pastel flannel with a black tank top underneath. Tony noticed the black choker on her neck as she let the smoke come out her mouth. Tony admired how she could always look so serious and the style of clothes she wore. “Thanks, for everything,” He said. “You don’t have to-”

“Don’t worry about it kid,” she said, and handed the bowl back to me. “You don’t deserve the shit you have to go through, you don’t owe me any favors understand?”

She was only a year older then him, but Tony didn’t really care what she called him -it couldn’t be worse than what his mom said to him. “Yeah, well there’s some things you didn’t deserve either.”

We were silent as I took in the rest of the weed left in my bowl. “Tony,” she said. I looked up at her as I threw the remains into the furnace. “The best moment of my life was when you kicked my dad’s ass for slapping my mom.”

Tried to.”

A small smile came on her face, “anyway, kid, I’ve found something important that you need to know about.”

“What is it? That my family probably going to take to me to a gay camp if they find me again,” I said. “If that’s what you’re going to tell me then I’m pretty sure you’d think I already knew that by now.”

“No,” she said her lips thin as she put her hand on her hip. Then the door clicked and someone came in and my mouth gapped open. It was like looking into a mirror, he had the same angular face and curly hair as I did.

“That crazy couple probably isn’t even your parents.”

Prompt: Write about twins who find each other.



Do most book series die off or is it just me?

I like to read every once in a while and maybe I might feel this way because I get easily distracted. However, I’ve come to find that once I’m a few books into a series I just tend to lose interest in it. Maybe I’m just not reading the right books. I’ve read some of The Moral Instruments Series and I’ve read some of The Millennium Trilogy. 

I really liked City of Bones, but once I got to City of Lost Souls I kind of just lost interest. I feel like my heart was in it in the first few books, but I lost it once I began to read more. I kind of feel the same way with the Millennium Trilogy. Right after the first book my heart sank for Lisbeth when Mikeal went back to Erika towards the end. I read more because the first book kind of showed that Lisbeth eventually trusted Mikeal, but in a way I think he hurt her feelings in the end if I remember correctly. I kept reading to try and fill some kind of void that book had put in me, but it never felt fulfilled after reading some more of the series so I eventually just gave up. I might go back to them some day and my mind might change, but right now I’m not so sure.

I’ve liked The Lunar Chronicles and The Wolf Chronicles so far and once I finish them I’ll probably update this post.

Maybe I’ve just found some of the conflicts to be too receptive because they all limited to their own genres. I might just need a break from some of the series I’ve read before and maybe I’ll come back to and end up enjoying the end of it.

Update: I’ve finished The Wolf Chronicles without hating the ending. I mean I didn’t like the ending, but at least it wasn’t interesting enough to get through. Maybe a three book is what I’m able to handle right now. Most books series that I’ve read are usually about six books long and sometimes even thought series will have their won sequels. I’m going to try to read the next book to the Lunar Chronicles and see if I’ll still be interested after finishing it.


Do you think book series eventually just die off or have you loved every minute of it?

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 8

I shut the car door, running into my house before the cold rushed into the bones of my body. It was dark, the digital clock on our oven stated that is was 10:11 pm. I sighed hanging my coat on a hanger in the hallway and staring at the mess in the kitchen. Not all of it was my mess. Bread crumbs and wrappers laid on the oven top where my brother had made a sandwich earlier that day. More crumbs laid near our fruit basket and a couple of dirty knives laid beside it. The dinner table had basically became a place where my family just dumped whatever items they wanted on it. I walked upstairs to my bedroom past our living room that was littered with dirty glasses, with used tissues on the coach, dirty paper towels and magazines that I can almost guarantee my family never read. I walked past my brothers room when I made it upstairs, his floor was covered in clothes and wrappers. He probably had more clothes than my mom and dad combined. His nightstand had a dirty plate and a bucket of finished ice cream. I closed his door so our dog wouldn’t eat one of the wrappers and choke on it.

When I reach my room, I set my string bag on top of my laundry basket. The filter to my small fish tank hummed on top of my dresser. My bed was made, my trash can had a new trash bag in it. My books put neatly on the bookshelf that connected to my desk. My floor only had a few pairs shoes -which I put in my closet as soon as I got home. Only a few index cards cluttered my desk, but every few days I would trash some and keep the ones I thought were important to me. The corner of my room had a trash bag full of clothes I planned to get rid of soon. I plopped beside my bed and scrolled through my phone. Wondering why my family let things go so far and why they never really got on my brother for not doing his part when it came to chores.

After a few minutes of checking social media, I made my way to the bathroom I shared with my brother. I had to unfold the bathroom curtain for the fourth time that week. He knows its get moldy if he doesn’t put it back, why is it so hard for him to do something that should only take three seconds? I brushed my teeth over the nearly spotless white counter  top that I cleaned whenever it got dirty. The toilet was supposed to be my brothers job to clean, however, I eventually ended up doing it and despite my parents knowing this they didn’t seem to care at all. My lips made a fine line in mirror when I left the  bathroom.

When I got back to my room I looked up how much living expenses were and how much money I would need to move out. When I realized that even though I had saved plenty of money, I just wasn’t getting paid enough and the expenses would eventually catch up to me. I starred at my computer for a few minutes, I felt defeated, but I was tired of putting up with my family.

So I started making a list of things I would have to do to get out of the house.


Prompt: Write about a character who felt defeated.

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 7

“Georgia that dog has to go,” Holly crossed her arms and blocked the entrance to their apartment. Her emerald green eyes piercing into Georgia as Georgia scrunched up the terrier’s white fluffy fur in his hands.

“No!” Georgia said loud enough that everyone else in the hallway turned to look at them. Holly rolled her eyes opened the door and pushed her friend inside. “I clean up after her, pay for her food, walk her, I do everything for her Holly. I’ve never even asked you to do anything for her.”

Holly went to the fridge, the sun gleaming on her spiked blond hair. She grabbed some yogurt and a spoon. “That dog has thrown up on the floor twice this week,” Holly said twirling the spoon in her yogurt. “If you don’t take her to the pound tomorrow I will.”

The dog wagged its tail as Georgia stroked its back. “And I told you it was the food so I changed what I was giving her.”

“Yeah, by making homemade meals for her likes she’s a human child or something.”

“They put sick animals in dog food,” Georgia said. “And might I remind you that this dog used to belong to my grandmother and she’d be devastated if I ever gave her away.”

Holly swallowed her yogurt and stared at her friend. “You can’t keep doing this to yourself Georgia. All your time outside of work is dedicated to that brain dead dog,” Holly paused. “And besides your grandmas dead its not like she’d know.” Tears went down Georgia’s eyes as she clutched the small dog in her arms and walked over to her room. “Wait I didn’t mean-” Georgia shut the door to her bedroom. “Hey we’ll talk more about it tomorrow okay? I didn’t think-,” that you were that attached to her, Holly thought as she threw the rest of her yogurt in the trash.


Holly cleaned up the dinner she had made for herself -Georgia was still in her room. Holly walked up to Georgias door and knocked on it, “hey I’m going to bed I got some leftovers in the fridge if you want any.” Then Holly walked to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and went to bed.

A few hours later the dog started barking, Holly opened her eyes and sighed, “Geogeria get her to shut up!” Holly shouted. However, the dog kept barking. Holly threw her blankets off the bed and stormed to her door and swung it open. Then she stopped, a large dark figure looked over at her with his hand on the doorknob to Georgia’s bedroom. Holly grabbed a small statue from the dresser outside her room and charged toward the figure. The stranger ran for the front door and Holly threw the statue towards him, but it only shattered against the door. “Get back here jackass!” Holly shouted flinging the front door back open and running into the hallway. She saw him standing in the elevator, but the door closed by the time she had gotten to it. Holly called the police and went back to her apartment. She turned the lights on and through the phone told them it looked like nothing was missing. She opened the door to Georgia’s room -it was unlocked. Holly switched on the light and Georgia looked up at her with squiting eyes. The dog lay beside her facing the door.

“What is it?” Georgia said rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands.

“The dog gets to stay,” Holly said and walked away.

Prompt: Write about two friends having a disagreement.