Book Reviews


So…. I finally got around to creating a rating system! However, my older reviews will still stay up. I might go back and reread the books to give them better reviews, but as of right now I don’t have much time to do that. Anyway, here’s my rating system:

Years ago, I would have given most books five stars. However, that was back when I read a lot of the romance and YA books. I don’t think that those genre a bad, but I do think it is hard to find good books in those genres. Now, I am a lot more critical of the books I read, it has to be something I really enjoyed rather than a book I was just able to get through.

For a book to be five star worthy it must have a clear purpose. I understand that the purpose of most fictional books are to be entertaining, but there are some books that do more than that. Those books, I think, deserve five stars.

I think a four star book would be a book that was purely just for entertainment. There is no purpose other than that. It is a book that is unique and the author does their best to make sure it isn’t another copy of another book. I have even seen books that have the same exact cover and a story line that is relatively the same. Those books are not five star worthy to me.

Books that I give three stars to are just flat out average. These are books that have storylines that are similar to others books. Books where some thought was put into it, but just not enough to make it really enjoyable.

Two stars books are average and they just don’t make sense. Meaning that the stories in the book just don’t connect to each other. I am yet to find a book like this. It is a type a of book that shows clearly little effort was put into creating it.

rating star

I hope I never read a one star book unless that book is not finished yet. To me, a one star book has plenty of grammatical errors, no real story line and no clear purpose. A one star book as no real effort put into it.