Book Reviews


I finally got around to creating a rating system! However, my older reviews will still stay up. I might go back and reread the books to give them better reviews. Recently I’ve been trying to read at least on book a month, but I keep forgetting to use the rating system. I’ll have to remind myself once I finish reading the second book of The Lunar Chronicles.


Years ago, I would have given most books five stars. I did because I know it takes people lots of time to write and I gave them five stars in an effort to congratulate them for their work. However, I’ve now come to realize that writers can’t get better if you don’t criticize them. I don’t think I’d be where I am now if no one tried to help me improve. I do think stars should be given just for writing a story -so I’ll be sure to give everything I read at least one star.

Sometimes I will give higher stars due to where my interests are at the time. Maybe when I look back it, my opinion might change as my interests do. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t get too caught up in a rating system. Sometimes people might read your work and they might not like because it’s not something they’re interested in at the time -but that does not mean your work isn’t well written.