Motivation Monday: Don’t Give Up

I decided to make this post a little different today. In the past, there were times I honestly just gave up on this blog. I had to work, I had to do chores, schoolwork was too much etc. I came up with all these excuses as to why I couldn’t do what I wanted to do and that  left me a little depressed. But what matters is that I can work through these excuses and keep going.

I’ve had this blog for years and I’ve always been on and off with it. One month, I can work on it a lot, the next, I barley get any sleep due to all the work I have to do. Now, I’m finally at a place where I think I can do this. I can find a way to better my writing and make this blog successful as long as I keep on writing. As long as I can ride through the messy parts of it and hopefully create writing that gets better and better.

I think anyone can, as long as they don’t give up.


Thank you for reading. 🙂

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