A Book that I Couldn’t Finish

This week I tried to read a book called The Eighty-Dollar Champion by Elizbeth Letts. I got to page 137 before I decided I just couldn’t read it anymore. I am grateful Harry tried to save Snowman from slaughter and I get that in the great depression horses were still being used to help people earn a living. However, nowadays I am conflicted on whether or not even ridding in itself is good for a horse.

I used to ride when I was little and unfortunately the first barn I  went to get lessons at was a show barn. From the shows barns I learned that the relationship between horse and rider didn’t matter. What mattered to them was making a horse do a bunch of stuff in a small amount of time. I wouldn’t say the experience was god awful, but after going to those barns I found horses to be scary, dangerous and unpredictable. Within the small amount of time I had ridden at the show barns I had fallen off at least twice.

One of which probably could’ve killed me.

Then I went to a different barn to help with some of my mental illnesses and the owner was probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She didn’t have an insane amount of horses like the show barns did, she had only four horses and knew them well. As I began working with her, my fear of horses disappeared, and I learned that they weren’t as unpredictable as I once thought.

Just to be clear, I think lesson barns can be really good for someone who is just trying to get their feet into the horse world. However, I wouldn’t recommend anyone go to a show barn for lessons if they don’t have much ridding experience.

I know this book is about show jumping, but I don’t really like the idea of ridding horses for shows -especially if their’s money involved. Yes, some people at these shows do care about their horses, but it can indirectly encourage people to do terrible things to these creatures if their main goal is to make a profit.

I hope in the future there will be new rules where people can’t use crops or bits on horses. If you have to use a tool other than your own body, then I don’t believe that the horse wants to do it. Bits and shoes have been found to cause pain for horses. A horse’s hoof can’t move the way it needs to with a shoe on and also putting shoes on horses can make things even more dangerous for anyone around it. A hoof is hard, but a decent size piece of metal is harder. Getting kicked by a shoe would probably hurt slightly more than by a regular horse hoof.

And I’ve seen that most barns keep horses in stalls and I don’t think that is good for the horse either. Animals are meant to move around, studies are everywhere showing just how beneficial it is for horses, cats, dogs and humans alike to move around. I’ve noticed horse will bit the wood on there stalls out of boredom and do something called cribbing where the horse puts its mouth on the side of the stall and breathes heavy.

Due to the time the book was in, I’m not too upset by how the horses were treated because back then they didn’t have access to vast amounts of information. However, I do not think horses should be treated the same way now. I think there is still a large portion of the horse industry that is intoxicating. And so far the way that this book has presented it makes we think that there are still bad parts of the horse industry that are being encouraged.

I do appreciate that the in interview she had in the back of the book, where she did agree that in some ways, “the life of horses is particularly difficult.” I wish she would’ve specified more on what that meant, but I can understand that getting too much into ‘horse politics,’ might anger some people.

Again, I think what this man did for this horse was good -for the time. However, I don’t think sticking to exactly what this man did is going to help the treatment of horses move forward.


At first, finding the motivation to write constantly was hard. I found myself to be too busy, too tired, or I just didn’t feel like it. I didn’t know what to do to get that push that I needed.

Now its gotten easier, I have been posting weekly, reading other posts I find interesting and writing on wattpad as well as writing a story that I haven’t posted anywhere yet. I think I’m doing better, but I want to do even more now than I have before. Its funny how posting once weekly has snowballed into posting about four times a week.

I’ve found the getting up every day at 7 to write first thing in the morning before I go to work has really helped. Before I leave I have to write at least something whether it be on this blog, my other blog, wattpad or the story I’m working on. I think I need to be more consistent with reading too. I try to read before I go to bed, but sometimes that doesn’t always happen because sometimes I’m hanging out with other people in the evenings.

Constancy has really helped give me the push that I need every day.  Even on my days off I get up at 7 to write. However, I do think I need to be more constant in my reading too, to help my writing get better. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that yet, but I hope I will find a way.


What motivates you? Does constancy play a part in it?

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 17


I trimmed the roses of the vines twisting to on black metal structures that were just as beautiful as the flowers. I was careful to make sure the thorns never pricked my skin. The sun beamed down on me as I walked the stone path back into my house. The strawberries grew well under the ornamental tree I had planted years before. I picked one and took a bite, letting its succulent juices soak onto my tongue. It was perfectly ripe, not sour as a handful of them still were. I went back to my roses, and grabbed a woven basket the held all of the flower heads I had cut.

I walked into my kitchen and put water into a pan. I ripped the flower head apart and let the water boil. Soon the strong scent of roses filled the room. After a few minutes, I turned off the stove, scooped out the petals, and put most of the rose water in a jar. I waited until the water was cool to pour the rest into a small spray bottle. Then I took a cold shower, washing the sweat and dirt off my hands and feet. I sprayed the rose water on my body and grabbed an ice tea from the fridge. Then I read the morning newspaper,

Child Missing on Elm Street

Sam Ambrosia has been missing for a few days now. His friends say that he was last seen ridding his bike home from school. There is sepeculation that his father, Alexander Ambrosia, has kipnapped him to spite the court’s cousdty ruling. If you have any information on this child please contact the police. 

My adrenaline shot up, I knew Sam and his Father. Alexander wanted nothing to do with his son -even if Sam was biologically his. It couldn’t have been him since he was with me the time of his disappearance. I set down the newspaper and walked out to confront the person that I’d seen Sam with the day of his disappearance.

And he lived just across the street.


Prompt: Write a story about a missing child.

Winter: Book Review

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally finished The Lunar Chronicles series. I understand that there are other stories like The Fairest and Stars Above. However, the main story was fit into the first four books so I will say that I’m finished with the series -for now. I’m happy to meet the newest member of Cinder’s rebel crew: Winter.

When the book first introduced her, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Winter seemed like a mystery to me at first -I wasn’t really sure what her intentions were. However, Winter grew to be probably one of the most innocent characters in the story. In some ways I grew impatient with her -she has so much power that she could use for good, but she just didn’t. Then after watching her character develop more, I grew more of a soft spot for her. From what I remember, Winter is still just a teenager. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone and it seems every time something bad happens, she blames herself even if she didn’t do anything.



This book kind of reminded me of Lord of the Rings in a way. Cinder has gathered all these people to fight for a cause and they build strong relationships, fighting Levana and having funning along the way. I’m pretty just about every person on the crew has been rescued at least once. Which is something that I think, would make their relationships grow stronger.

And then they all split up.

I mean the book did foreshadow it happening, I just didn’t expect them to go there serrate ways so soon. I mean, I understand that they will we reunite and everything, but within a week after everyones recovered they leave Cinder alone in the palace. I feel like in some ways the book was wrapped up too soon. What if an angry aristocrat tried to kill Cinder and claim the throne for him or herself so he or she didn’t have to work and they could continue to have earthen slaves. I understand the most of the labors would side with Cinder, -but many of them probably died in the first battle and the acritocrats probably have plenty of resources. They even let their own children torture Scarlett so who’s to say the prejudice the upper class lunars have is just going to fade right away.

And what about the wolf soldiers too. What if the torture Levena has put them through drives them to find their own sort of malicious intentions. I get that the books were based off fairy tales, but I don’t think all of their big conflicts suddenly ended there. Levena did raise her army after all -and sometimes that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree even if they’ve heard Cinder’s heroic speeches.

I don’t think Cinder should have been left on her own, the only loyal allies she has with her after Levena’s death are Iko and a guard that decided to kill a guard loyal to Levena while Levena was alive. I think Throne and Cress were the only ones that should’ve left to get the antidote to people. I think everyone else should’ve stayed a while to make sure there were no issues -just because Cinder became Queen at the end doesn’t mean every single person she governs likes it.

The thumarages especially make me cautious, they spent the whole time following Levena orders and now suddenly they’re loyal to Cinder? No, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I think anyone holding that kind of power for a long time wouldn’t want it stripped away -especially since some lunars will still be born with it and who knows what that could mean.

My Rating

I’m going to this book four flowers because it met my expectations. Despite the book ending to quickly -in my opinion- it still had a satisfying ending.




My family has used fear to control me for quite some time. I must fear God and not question anything he says. I must remain dependent on them for another decade because I’m not making enough money even though I’ve gotten a better job that could sustain me. What they have taught has me made feel like I’m walking on egg shells, and it just persuades to not do anything in my life. 

Parents need to stop using fear to get their kids to do what they want. Let them make mistakes, let them make their own decisions. Hovering over them isn’t going to encourage them to do anything. Let them have choices and don’t insult them if those choices are different than yours. 

I had a conversation with my parents recently about renting an apartment while my boyfriend built the house we wanted. My parents were quick to tell me that it would be a waste of money and literally gave me a list of all the things I would have to worry about if I ever rented an apartment -without saying any pros about it. When I told them that I understood and that I wasn’t going to just rent out the first one I saw. My dad said, “well I guess you know everything then.” This statement hurt so much, I respected what they said to me, but the were being hypocritical when they said they would support my decision to leave. 

Now I just don’t enjoy having discussions about my life with them anymore. If they’re just going to give me a list of all the bad things that could happen to me if I try to do something on my own then I don’t want to hear it. I’m trying to not be a burden to them and move on, but its almost like they want me dependent on them forever and I hate that.

I want to be independent and live on my own without using my parents money. I want to understand what that means. I can’t learn to live on my own if my parents continue to persuade me to be scared of everything. I don’t want to be scared anymore, if I make a few mistakes then so be it. I’m young and I’ll have time to fix it. I don’t want to live my life being too afraid to do anything. 


Have you had parents like this? If not then in what ways have your parents helped you or not helped you?

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 16


We sat in the corner of our classroom, our teacher, Miss George, was giving us a lecture on history that made me want to fall asleep. It was hard, watching her lips move while I wrote stuff down without looking at it, but I’ve gotten better at it. The students in front of me asked questions of which I didn’t understand until Miss George repeated them back to me.

Then I saw a figure in the hallway staring at me. At first I thought it was just one of the administrators, but when he smiled at me I felt uneasy. When I saw what he had behind him I quickly turned to the person next to me, and made a hand signal that something was wrong -despite being able to read lips, I hadn’t learned how to talk.

“Ethan is something wrong?” Miss George asked. Then I made a gun with my hand, which might have been a mistake because everyone saw it -including the guy outside the classroom. He walked toward us, luckily Miss George’s desk was right next to the front door. One student pushed the desk in front of the door. Then Miss George got a key from one of the drawers and locked it.

Bam! Bam! Bam! 

Some of the girls in the classroom are screaming and crying. I heard someone else scream in the hallway. Bam! Bam! Bam! I’m in the corner of the classroom the man is looking straight at me, he gave me an angry glare. Bam! Bam! I moved behind a bookshelf, it’s a tan metal with large holes in it. Drew, a friend in my class mouths something to me, is he looking? Is he looking? When the announcement comes on that there’s an intruder in the building I mouth no, and from under his side he slides his revolver to me.

Drew and I had gone shooting since we were little. He liked to go with me because I never complained about how loud the guns were. I never thought I’d use it until I found myself looking through the holes the bookshelf to see if the guy was still there. I see him walking back to our door, he’s looking for me, he’s eyes and gun pointed at the corner of the bookshelf. The white shirt I wore must’ve blended in well with the wall because he never looked at the holes. I scanned each one, looking for the best one to shoot through. I found a spot on his face that hadn’t been out of a certain hole’s reach for a while and I shoot.

The man went down and then the police arrived in what seemed like forever. Ambulances came, taking away a few kids out of my classroom. I hoped I wouldn’t get in trouble if I killed someone, but Drew’s smile reassured me that it was the right thing to do.