A Look into Freelee’s New Cookbook

This is one of the first ebooks I’ve ever read and I’m excited to slowly be moving in a more environmentally friendly direction. Paper books are like an addiction that I’m trying to get rid of. I’m pretty sure we have a nook somewhere in our house, but I don’t know how well it works. Anyway, onto what Freelee’s cook book is about.


I bought this book knowing it wasn’t just a cook book -it’s about how society convinces women to abuse their bodies so they can look ‘better’ for everyone else. How people objectify women and how our own society encourages people to have kids even if they don’t have enough resources.

For the most part, no one has ever said anything to me about not wearing make-up. However, here in America if women don’t shave their arm pits apparently that a big no no. Why do you care? Men don’t do it so stop trying to put double standards on women. To me, asking women to shave -especially down there- is downright pedophillic to me. If someone asks me to shave I’m going to tell them that it’s not their body so fuck off.

My favorite excuse for shaving is that people say your more ‘clean’ that way. Yeah right, I just cut my skin so bacteria and other stuff can get into my body. I got rid of hairs that helps prevent me from getting stds. I just made myself super uncomfortable and itchy just so some fuckboy could find me more appealing. Please. 

Stop encouraging women to wear make-up that ends up harming their skin. Stop encouraging us to shave for you pedophilic desires. Stop telling us our only purpose is to pop out babies. Stop telling girls their anorexic when you know they’ve eaten plenty that day.  Just stop telling us what to do with our bodies. 

Moving on to the cooking part of it….

I haven’t tried any of the recipe yet -I just got the book a few days ago. However, I’m hoping to make the pizza rolls soon. Some of the other recipes I’m probably going to make are the tortilla wraps, the self-determined sushi and the no restriction noodle lyfe.


How do you feel about this book? Do you think the author has a strong point or do you think she’s over the top? If you have this book, which recipe is your favorite?



2 thoughts on “A Look into Freelee’s New Cookbook

  1. Chandan Sinha says:

    Completely agree on trashing the double standards part. I too feel women are made to go through a lot of troubles just to fit the standards of a patriarchal society. Nobody has the right to say what you should & shouldn’t do with your body. Also, I happen to like girls without much make up on. It’s natural beauty and I think it goes for most sensible men.

    I liked the tone you set for the post. First the important stuff and then yeah! there is some cooking stuffs here which I am yet to try 🙂

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