Writing Wednesday: Prompt 12

“I can’t believe you would lie to me like that!” Jennie’s curly black hair puffed out to the edges of her shoulders as she crossed her arms and glared at me.

I closed my locker and stuffed my binders in my back pack. “Lie to you about what?” I walked toward my next class and she followed.

“You being with Jayce last night.”

I turned to face her, I was just outside the door of my class room and I could see him waving at us. “What are you talking about? I was studying-”

“Studying my ass! I saw the photos of you kissing my boyfriend you slut, I can’t believe I was even friends with you!” The color drained from my face and my brown eyes widened at her tone. The chattered behind me had stopped and I could see Jennie’s glaze stab directly at Jayce’s before she stormed off to her next class.

Everyone watched as I took my seat in the back of the room next to Jayce. Then the teacher began her lecture and Jayce put a hand to his face and mouthed, ‘what was that about?’

“I don’t know.”



I used to think that being in America I would have the freedom to do what I want -but now I realize that’s not the case. For people that relay on their jobs to keep the bills paid not only is their less time for them to do what they want, but in some cases they are also censored. Women that want to go braless for health reasons sometimes can’t if they’re afraid their jobs won’t allow it. People can’t say what they really think for fear of being fired.

Now that I’ve found a 9 to 5 job, at first I thought this is it, this is where I want to be. However, after reviewing everything I’ve experienced I realized that it’s just not. I want the freedom to write whenever I please, run whenever its nice out, and spend time with my family without my job limiting my time with them. And now I’ve realized that freedom doesn’t come free -even if you live in America. People have made their own way, making passive income, learning how to earn money without really working.

Do I think it would be bad if everyone lived this way? No, in fact I think the more people that do it the more we can become even more independent and we’d have more freedom because there won’t be other people demanding that we do stuff for them. We’ve found ways that have made modern living even easier for us to do on our own than ever before. And if all of us managed to find a way to make passive income for us to take care of ourselves, I still don’t think all of us would quit our jobs. We would probably just work less.

If all of us found a way to take care of ourselves without really doing much there would still be plenty of time to ‘work’. I don’t think everyone is lazy and even when I have my lazy days if I’m lazy for too long I kind of get twitchy and end up wanting to do something.

I think having the freedom to get away from big companies and become on our boss might even help us find new ideas too. Most jobs from my experience end up being pretty repetitive and I think allowing ourselves the freedom to face new experiences can help us to think differently.

As I refine my idea of what freedom really is I’m beginning to get a stronger pull to do my own thing -and hopefully get benefits from that. And I’d feel guilty if I ended up doing this and realized that other people still haven’t caught on. Having a job was a constant pressure that my parents always lectured me about. I’ve found that just because someone is ‘jobless’ that does not mean they are an unproductive lazy person. In fact, I think people that are productive without a ‘job’ are even more motivated than people with jobs because they don’t have to have the constant pressure from other people to encourage them to continue working. They just do what they want to do without anyone telling them otherwise.

That I believe is true freedom, and I hope to get closer and closer to it as life goes on.


What do you define freedom as? Do you think it has to be earned or do you think we all have the right to it?

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 11

My name is Peter.

My name is Peter.

My name is Peter, Peter Hayes and I’m slowly losing control of my own body and possibly my memories.

They hover above me injecting god knows what into my body. They all wear googles and face masks, but I think they only really wear those so I won’t recognize them that well. The back of my neck hurts from them cutting into it, they said they inserted some kind of chip into my neck. However, during that time I pretended to be asleep. A few days ago a military man came in with what appeared to be an iPad -but I came to realize it did a lot more than an iPad could. With the device he began controlling my hands as they remained restrained on the metal table I laid on.

Today, I’m walking outside of the lab for the first time in months. They think I’m gone and I’m trying give them every reason to think that way. Today, a walk out onto the city streets in normal clothes as if nothing had ever happened -accept I have no control over my body.

Prompt: Write about one of your biggest fears.

A Look into Freelee’s New Cookbook

This is one of the first ebooks I’ve ever read and I’m excited to slowly be moving in a more environmentally friendly direction. Paper books are like an addiction that I’m trying to get rid of. I’m pretty sure we have a nook somewhere in our house, but I don’t know how well it works. Anyway, onto what Freelee’s cook book is about.


I bought this book knowing it wasn’t just a cook book -it’s about how society convinces women to abuse their bodies so they can look ‘better’ for everyone else. How people objectify women and how our own society encourages people to have kids even if they don’t have enough resources.

For the most part, no one has ever said anything to me about not wearing make-up. However, here in America if women don’t shave their arm pits apparently that a big no no. Why do you care? Men don’t do it so stop trying to put double standards on women. To me, asking women to shave -especially down there- is downright pedophillic to me. If someone asks me to shave I’m going to tell them that it’s not their body so fuck off.

My favorite excuse for shaving is that people say your more ‘clean’ that way. Yeah right, I just cut my skin so bacteria and other stuff can get into my body. I got rid of hairs that helps prevent me from getting stds. I just made myself super uncomfortable and itchy just so some fuckboy could find me more appealing. Please. 

Stop encouraging women to wear make-up that ends up harming their skin. Stop encouraging us to shave for you pedophilic desires. Stop telling us our only purpose is to pop out babies. Stop telling girls their anorexic when you know they’ve eaten plenty that day.  Just stop telling us what to do with our bodies. 

Moving on to the cooking part of it….

I haven’t tried any of the recipe yet -I just got the book a few days ago. However, I’m hoping to make the pizza rolls soon. Some of the other recipes I’m probably going to make are the tortilla wraps, the self-determined sushi and the no restriction noodle lyfe.


How do you feel about this book? Do you think the author has a strong point or do you think she’s over the top? If you have this book, which recipe is your favorite?



Writing Wednesday: Prompt 10

Her curly brown hair went down her body in waves as she looked between the cracks of the wooden floor beneath her. Then looked in her dresser as the footsteps crept closer. Her heart began to race and she moved her dresser towards the only entrance to the bedroom. She looked under her sheet covers hoping she’d see some kind of sparkle and be saved.

She heard them pounding at the door, “Lilth Galmoore you are sentenced to be hung for treason by order of the queen.” She ripped the bottom of her dress as she walked toward her wardrobe. She took it off and quickly changed into a white linen shirt and trousers. Then she felt something solid in it’s pocket and let out a breathe. In the back of her closest she took out a brown cocked hat with a long white feather. She put the white amulet around her neck and hid it underneath her shirt. Then she put on the hat and leaned against the wall farthest from the entrance.

The dresser came crashing down, shattering the small knick knacks the where on top of it. The guards set down the large long log that knocked the door down and raced after her. The first one hit the amulets protective shield around the pirate girl and he felt it in disbelief. Only the small amount of light the came in the room that allowed the shield to glimmer in certain places, hinting at where the shield was. Then the queen’s head knight came up to the shield and tried to slice it with his sword, but the sword bounced back and nearly hit the guard behind him.

The girl narrowed her eyes at men with her arms folded. “I am Amber Lionheart,” she said. “Your queen outcast my father for a crime he did not commit.” The men stared and the head knight glared at her and was about to protest. “Your queen has you like dogs on a leash,” Amber continued. “She stole thousands of pounds of precious gems from my family as well as others and took it to that pig Lance.”

“She was looking for that amulet that you so willingly show now,” the head knight said. “If your family would’ve have just given to her none of this would’ve happened.”

Amber began to walk past them, the amulets shield forcing them to move. “Oh please honey,” she said, “she doesn’t deserve it.”


Prompt: Write about losing something a character needed and then finding it at the last minute.