The Fifth Weekly Terrible Poetry Contest

Just read that a woman named Chelsea Owens has been doing poetry contests every week. When I saw this I was super excited and all the poems I’ve read so far are really interesting and funny. Although some of them have made me think: why have you done this? 

peom contest


Some rules for the contest that Chelsea made:

  1. The topic is ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. This is my LEAST FAVORITE poem in the entire world -whenever it’s parodied. Therefore; I normally feel that every idiot who goes about with “‘Twas the night before Christmas” on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart; but this week you’re getting a pass.
    Strangely enough, I love the original. I have at least three favorite stanzas in there.
  2. What’s the limit? For the love of my own sanity and yours, please keep it to eight or nine stanzas, maximum. That’s about the point of the original where we read I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
  3. It’s gotta rhyme. At the end of the line. Make it fine.
  4. Remember, remember: the poem needs to be terrible. Clement C. Moore (or, Henry Livingston, Jr.) will want to visit you each hour the night of Christmas Eve to warn you of an angry mob of poets waiting for your death, should you ever write that way again.
  5. Keep it PG-Rated. Kids might climb up on your knee and ask you to read it to them.

Link to Chelsea’s post on the contest.


My poem:

Twas… Honestly I don’t remember,

Wait it’s not even day?

Wait Charlie stay!

I know its a holiday so don’t go to room,

Cause I know if you do your mom is going to beat me with a broom.

I know you’re sister is staring at my wallet,

Daring me to say she can’t have any money,

I know your mom’s glaring at me.

Fluffly I swear if you don’t stop bearing you’re teeth at me!

Wait its December?

I honestly thought it was November.




Why copyright is intoxicating

Copyright is mess, I’ve tried to think of one positive thing to say about it and I honestly just can’t find anything. The only thing copyright protects is whoever claims an idea first -not the always artist, not always the people who helped make it, just whoever claims it.

Big companies like Disney could crush a small business or youtube channel that posts even a small five second clip of one of their movies. The biggest issues here is Walt Disney isn’t even alive anymore so why should someone have the rights to an old movie that was made before I was even born if they didn’t even do anything for that movie other than claim it? If anything, the people that use the clips are helping them by getting their audience to think about the movie and possibly convincing them to see it again. I’ve never seen people get so mad over free marketing, many small artists would kill for a short clip of the their movie/novel to be seen on another persons site that might have a bigger audience than they do. Copyright is a gold mine for big companies to take down small artist’s work -even if their idea is only slightly unoriginal- and squeeze all the money they can out of them.

To me, I think most people who copyright claim are hypocrites. People just can’t own ideas, if someones thought of an idea, I can 100% guarantee that someone else thought of it before they did. Its not fair for someone to put a c on an idea and hog it so no else can branch off with it to create something bigger and more amazing. It’s about greed and giving people cuts they don’t deserve.

Copyright promotes capitalism and doesn’t really look at the bigger picture of promoting others to work on new ideas -some of which could potentially be life changing for some people. However, it all could be delayed if people have good ideas and decide not to go through with it because they don’t want to deal with copyright issues. I think we need to get rid of copyright and focus more on the products rather than ideas. If someone tries to sell someone else’s product then obviously they should be punished for that, but if someone has a slightly altered idea and uses it then just leave them alone. People should have the right to build off ideas and no one should ever be suppressed for it. 

One of the things that irritates me is when people who support copyright think that people who built off their ideas are lazy. Are they really? Or were you just waiting for someone else to take your idea and make it a better idea so you could claim for yourself even though you didn’t come up with the better idea, you just made the original. Competition is good, having someone else build off an idea will help consumers get better products. Then the person who thought of the original idea could look at the new idea and then branch of that one. Successful business works by allowing people to compete along side you, not trying to shut them down by taking their money. And again copyright will not always protect the people who came up with the idea just whoever claims it first. 

For those of you who still think copyright is okay remember that most investors actually lose the race to patent office and someone else who didn’t even come up with the idea usually ends up profiting off of it. These are the people who don’t contribute new ideas, these are they people who don’t try to branch off and create new things for others to enjoy. They’re more focused on trying to take money from somebody and claiming products rather than making new ones.




Even if you don’t want to.
Even if no one sees it.
Even if you think it’s probably the worst idea ever.
Even if you think it won’t mean anything to anyone.
Even if everyone including yourself doesn’t like it.
Even if you think somehow those few words will somehow end your life.
Because if you don’t write it then no one else will.

Do it for Yourself

Every once in a while I’d be doing the dishes -some of them mine and some of them were used by my family members. Then my mom would say, “thank you for doing the dishes.” I didn’t know why at first, but I almost always found myself getting mad. Then I realized I didn’t want her appreciation, I just wanted the dishes done so I could have a clean counter to work on tomorrow.

I’ve been trained by my parents to do things for money, for praise, for that gold star or that A plus. They never taught me how to go after the climb, how to go after just building on myself, even if the impact was small at first. They made the impression that whatever I did I had to do it for some kind of reward.

It wasn’t until today that my repressed feelings had finally had enough. I went to kohl’s with my mom and my brother. We were about ready to check out when my mom realized she didn’t have her card. She asked them to put the clothes in the back since she worked there so the cashier said she’d do that for her. However, we had planned on going to an expensive grocery store right after -my mom said we would have to use my card and that she would pay me back. When we got there, I decided to remind her to pay me back -I suppose it could’ve been perceived in a slightly rude way. Not that it was the right thing to do, but my brother had told me about all the times my parnets never paid him back. Which worried me since I’ve been trying to save up to get out of the house and I didn’t want to be set back too much.

When we got home she got mad at me and told me that she didn’t appreciate how I treated her. Then I told her that I didn’t mean it that way and that I had already been paying for my own food and such so I was worried I wouldn’t get paid back. She then told about how much she’d done for me. Which made me even more upset because she’s my mom and I’m still just a kid and as I kid I felt they she should’ve been doing things for me. I felt like I was supposed to feel bad for not being out of the house yet, for not having a good enough job to take care of myself. For not being able to pay for my bills, my car insurance and my health insurance. She made me feel like I’m supposed to be supporting myself completely by now, but I’m still only 19.

That’s when I told her that I do the dishes all the time and she told me that she appreciated that, but I told her that I didn’t want her appreciation. I did those dishes for myself and not for anybody else. I’m tired of being ‘appreciated’, from now on if I realize that I’m just doing something for praise then I’m just not going to do it. I’m going to do things simply because I just want to do it for myself. Whenever someone asks to be appreciated they’re still expecting something from somebody. The number one piece of advice I could give to be would be don’t expect anything from anybody. 

If you expect something from somebody then just do it yourself, you’ll probably be happier -since even when somebody expects someone to do something they usually end up wishing they did it themselves. Not to mention it’ll save the people around you from being nagged all the time.

Monthly Refection: November 2018 and Basically Everything Before That


I’ve been all over the place this past year, I finally got a better job where I can make pursuing some of my hobbies easier. I haven’t gone to college this school year and I think it’s really made me a happier person.

Last year, I made the Dean’s list my first semester of college. Would I say it was worth it?

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