Why I love Blogging

1) Interacting with people

I live in a semi populated area, but without this blog there might be some people that I would have never been able to talk to otherwise. I like getting feedback from all of you and I enjoy the discussions we have.

2) You can do it whenever you want

This is no timer hovering over me so I can write whenever a feel like writing. If I don’t feel like getting up at five in the mourning, I don’t have to. In fact I can write a post the day before and then schedule it to publish at five. I think that’s one of the best ideas WordPress has ever had.

3) It helps me gain more from books

As you know, I write book reviews and discuss mostly book related topics. I think writing about the books I’ve read helps me have a better understanding of it and I learn more from it. It also helps me discover a bit of who I am as a person and sometimes even change who I am. I’m not really a fighter, but now I’m currently reading  The Girl who Played with Fire and there is some appalling stuff that makes me want to fight some of the characters.


Top 10 Most Beautiful BookStores in the World


We’ve all seen Barnes and Nobles, Half Price Books, and maybe even a few other bookstores. They all have the bookmarks, the comfortable seating and maybe even a café. However, these book stores have a little something else in them. Here’s my list of the most beautiful book stores in the world:

10) The Bookábar Bookshop


This bookshop is located in Rome, Italy. It has a modern theme to it.


9) Bart’s Books


Bart’s books is an outdoor bookstore located in Ojai, California. They have an art gallery, writer workshops, and writing classes.

8) Words on the Water


Words on Water is a book store on a boat! They have jazz, creative writing events, and poetry slams. People have reviewed the store as friendly and cheerful.

7) Books Actually


Located in Singapore, Books Actually has a vintage theme to it. They sell vintage books, glass bottles, and sealing wax.

6) Zhongshuge-Hangzhou Bookstore


The architect, Li Xiang, was the brains behind creating this bookstore. In this video Xiang has claimed to be an architect for half her life and I think the bookstore proves that she has learned so much over the years.

5) Livrerra Lello and Irrisão


This book shop was created by two brothers in 1906, José and António Lello. It was their passion for books and art that made the store and it’s also what keeps it running.

Their architect, Francisco Xavier Esteves, had a passion for books as well as building. With a majority of what he constructed symbolizing something. You can check their website to find out more.

4) The Last Book Store


I can’t image how much time it took to create this, if I ever went to this store I’d have to ask if the books were glued together or not. If not, one bump of the elbow and all of it could fall down.

3) Cook and Book

Cook and Book is divided into eight spaces and has a music section. They are located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium. This store has great interior architecture and it’s perseveres it culture by selling waffles and other Belgian foods.



2) Shakespeare and Co.


Shakespeare and Company is located in Paris, France. They have a book about the history of the store and the man who created it, George Whitman, he seemed passionate about taking care of it.

The building was originally a monastery in the early 17th century. Then Whitman opened the building as a book store in 1951. It’s original name was Le Mistial, but it changed to it’s present name in 1964. He named it Shakespeare and Coin honor of Sylvia Beach, who made the original in 1919.

You can check out their website to learn more.

1) House of Books


The outside of this building looks absolutely magnificent. The House of Books(also know as the Singer House) is in St. Petersburg and was completed in 1904. An interesting fact about this building is that the glass tower wasn’t exactly built to please the public eye. Originally, the building was supposed to be a skyscraper, but the emperpor wouldn’t allow the building to be taller than the Winter Palace.

How would you rank these bookstores? With one being the best and ten being okay. Do you think there are other bookstores that deserve to be on this list?

Why I’m Kicking the Coffee Habit


According to USA today, about 83 percent of Americans adults drink coffee. With many of them drinking coffee every day. This was something I used to do, but I think drinking coffee has more negative effects than it does positive ones.

For me personally, drinking coffee everyday would make my legs cramp up -sometimes to the point where I couldn’t get up. Not only that, but every once it a while it would mess up my digestive system and I know my not the only one who has this side effect because it’s been known to make you poop more often. It also worsened my menstrual cramps. Even just by drinking coffee every once in while, instead of everyday dropped my period from five days to three. The cramping isn’t completely gone, but I would say it’s a lot better than it was before. Running is less of a challenge now too, I used to get stomach cramps all the time when I ran and now I only get them if I don’t take the time to digest.

I think there is only one thing this bitter beverage is good for: it’s keeping us awake. Coffee can, “[have] effects lasting up to six hours.” Which for someone who gets up early and has to work for long periods of time, this seems like a good idea. However, chemicals in your brain will fight against it. As AsapScience shows, adenosine is a chemical in your brain that makes you feel tired. If coffee is consumed, the caffeine (recent researched has debated that it could be a different component, but that’s a different topic) in it will start to compete with adenosine. Making you feel more awake as opposed to feeling tired. After a long period of time, your brain with create more adenosine receptors, therefore you would need more coffee to feel awake.

So really you can’t benefit too much from it, after a while creating a feeling of wakefulness will be a tug of war game between your brain and the drink.

You might have headaches after withdrawing from it, but I believe that in the end it’s worth it. After drinking less coffee I feel psychically and mentally healthier.



Best Places to Read

Reading is great, but it can be hard to dive into a book if your not comfortable. Here are a few places I like to read in:

1) The Library


I know it’s a little straightforward, but they usually have comfy chairs to sit in and for the most part they’re quite so there aren’t many distractions. The smell of books is great too! I find it relaxing, the smell is almost equivalent to that of a candle’s -it keeps you calm.

2) A Café


Sitting in a booth while eating a pastry and drinking coffee is great to have on hand while reading -especially if you’re considering reading for a long period of time. Cafés are relatively quite and it’s like the club of the reading world. Someone is usually either typing something on their laptop or enjoying a book. So when you’re finished someone might want to discuss the book with you.

3) Outside


Birds chirping and wind blowing can ease your mind and make reading easier. Going outside to read is great especially if you live in a rural area where there aren’t many distractions outside. Being outside also decreases anxiety and depression. So not only is it a good place to read, but it can help your metal health as well.

4) Bed


Even after you’ve stopped reading the story hasn’t stopped spinning in your mind. You can carry it with you in your dreams so the story isn’t completely over. That’s what I enjoy about reading in bed, even if you didn’t read it during the night, your brain still reminds you where you read it and therefore there is a possibility that you will remember what the story was about.

What places do you like to read in?

The Clan of the Cave Bears

I figured I’ve read enough books on word war two that I decided to see Jean M. Auel’s prehistoric world. The setting seems pretty unique to me. Most recent books have been set in the present, future, or in world war two.

The setting in her book takes place in prehistoric Europe, “35,000 to 25,00 years before [the] present.” Jean gives a map on the first few pages that show that they are specifically north of the Black Sea.


I think the hierarchy and religious aspects of the characters she has created fit smoothly into that era. It’s a time when men dominate women, but they are fearful of the world that they don’t know all that well. They fear people that look different from them and reject their culture. It stirred more conflict and shows how much people really didn’t know at the beginning. They think they are too different to be anything of value -yet they might soon discover how naive that idea is.

Even the adults are like children, other than survival skills they know next to nothing about themselves or the world they live in. It’s what makes your muscles tense when you read it because we know so much more than they do. They think the weather is controlled by spirits and totems. They don’t even know that sex results in kids. Even some of the skills they learn is kept secret from others. Men know how to hunt, women don’t. Women know how to forage, men don’t. Medicine women know how to cure diseases, but they don’t let anyone -other than other medicine women- know how they do it. Which is frustrating  to me because it doesn’t seem logical, if all the medicine women die who can help others heal? If all the men die will the women even know how to defend themselves?

It’s made me wonder just how much we really know. Sure, we’ve come far, but do we really even know how old the earth is? We haven’t found the cure to cancer, -however some think that certain people do, but they refuse to let the public know. We don’t exactly have a perfect grasp on weather. I hate when the weatherman says it’s going to be sunny all week and then all of the sudden it starts raining on and off. We haven’t discovered all the planets in the universe yet -or more importantly, how to utilize them.

We learned so much, yet there is so much more to learn.