What Loving Yourself Really Means


No, I’m not just taking about loving the way you look. Everyone should love themselves no matter what they look like. I’m talking more about showing that you love yourself, by keeping yourself clean -inside your body as well as outside.

I’ve found that the American diet has gotten worse throughout the years. We’re no longer eating raw healthy foods. We’re eating processed food with little to no nutrition. We are eating way more meat and dairy then we ever have before and for the last time we don’t need dairy products to live a healthy life. About 75% of the world population is lactose intolerant. Meaning most of us are giving our bodies a harder time just by drinking milk. Americans are extremely undereducated on what we eat and how much we need to eat. Not even many doctors are educated on nutrutation and they give us a bunch of pills to take instead of telling us to eat more fruits and vegetables.

To really -truly- love yourself means that you love your body enough to want to keep it healthy for as long as possible. To do that we need to cut down on meat and dairy intake and focus more on whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. I truly can’t believe how many people would rather eat bad foods and just wait and see what happens. I like food too, but there’s plenty of foods that are good food that taste just as good as the bad ones. I know bad food tastes good -otherwise no one would eat it- but it damages your body afterwards, sometimes even permanently.  I want food that makes me feel good afterwards, I want to to eat foods that makes me feel like I could run for miles and miles and not get tired.

Maybe that’s the issue, all of us still think we’re kids that can just eat and eat whatever we want. If that’s the case then let me ask you this: does the food you’re eating make you feel like a kid again? If not, then you’re probably not getting what you need out of the food your eating.


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