The Vegan Cook Book I’m Using for College

Okay, so this book is made by Peta -but keep in mind I DO NOT fully support what they are doing. However, I do support the fact that they have made this cook book to help vegans that are in college or simply don’t have much time to cook.

Vegan college cook bookMy favorite section of this book would have to be the Ramen section. It gives recipes that call for the ramen noodles. For now I’m going to use the processed ones that come with the seasoning packets -but of course I’m just going to use the noodles. Once I get a feel for eating vegan, I might make my own ramen, but for now this book looks like it’s going to help me transition better.

I don’t know how I feel about some of the alternate foods like vegan meat. I’d prefer to eat something that wasn’t designed to replace something else. Sure, I like coconut milk, almond milk and tofu, but calling it a replacement sounds a lot less appetizing. Vegan foods shouldn’t have to be a replacement of a dairy or meat product to taste good. I think avocados taste amazing on it’s own and so do many other vegan foods. I think I’m going to like most of the recipes in this book, but I was kind of hoping they’d be a little more unique.



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