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IMG_2817Welcome to my blog, I post book related stuff, advice, and a few other random things I come across. I live in the United States and I’m out of High School. My name is Athena, but I’m not actually greek. I have a dog named Zeus who is currently around eleven years old.

I love pets and I plan on becoming a vet tech once I get out of college. I also hope to have more pets when I get older, but I don’t plan on having more than I can handle. I’ve been around dogs all my life and I used to have cats when I was younger. I ride horses too every once in a while. I haven’t had any snakes or birds, but I’ve handled them before and I like both of them! I’ve had fish for a few years, I currently have two females betas -ones a koi and I think she’s super pretty. I used to have guppies, but they breed so fast that they began to inbreed before I had time to get more so they all become infertile and passed away a while ago.

I’ve read plenty of books over the years and I plan to read at least ten this year. I love crime novels and thrillers. I used to read romance when I first started reading outside of school, but lately I’ve moved away from that. I also like books about animals and prehistoric life, such as A Dog’s Purpose and The Clan of the Cave Bear. 

I like having discussions with people about books and I hope that soon there will be plenty of discussions on the blog.



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