My Advice to High Schoolers

High School can be tough, teachers may not always treat you like adults. The food there it’s exactly as good as what you have at home and sometimes they’re still people that feel like they need to be mean to you. Here’s my advice to those of you still in High School.

It’s going to be OKAY

There might be days where people say cruel immature things to you, but don’t let it get to you. Value yourself, you are a young adult, with many many years ahead of you to think about what you can contribute to the world. You have so much potential so don’t let negative people make you forget that.

Success isn’t measured by grades

There are plenty of successful people who didn’t do good in school. Some even dropped out -however, I wouldn’t recommend it because I think graduating can give you more options. What I mean by this is, if you fail in a class, or serval classes, that does not mean you are a failure as a person. Everyone is different and not all of us fill the school mold. 

Do what you want to do, NOT what you’re parents tell you to do.

I did this while I was in High School and I wasn’t happy in the end. Parents will pressure you into doing classes that might not have in interest in whatsoever. Do classes that make you happy, you’ll find that you’ll learn a lot more from them. In the end, it’s your life not their’s. When you move out, what you want to do to be successful in life should be none of their concern.

If someone is your authority that doesn’t always mean they deserve your respect.

Now I’m not saying to be rude to anyone who tells you what to do. What I mean by this is some teachers and/or other authority figures might try to control you in a way that is not appropriate. They shouldn’t yell at you, hit you, or manipulate you. If they do this to you that means they can’t even control themselves, so they shouldn’t have the right to control you.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

If there is something you really want to do with you’re life. Enough self discipline should help you reach your goal. If you work hard and focus, then the goal you’re trying to reach shouldn’t be impossible. If you keep your mind set on it then nothing can get in your way.


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