In a Dark Dark Wood with Psychopaths!

This book is absolutely in insane, take a perfectionist, a ex best friend and a ex boyfriend and you got a nuclear bomb waiting to go off. These people are adults acting like teenagers.

I thought this book might be too much like Gone Girlbut the conflicts mixed with subtle good deeds forced me to figure out where everyone really stood with each other. Someone would do something really rude, but then they would do a good deed and suddenly all is forgiven. This book drove me mad whenever they did that. It’s funny how this whole situation could have been avoided if they just asked questions and tried to find the truth about people. I get that they were friends, but come on. Just about every character in this book was sketchy in one way or another and I don’t see why these characters could be so blind.

The murder in this crime novel was a lot easier for me to figure out than Ware’s other book, The Woman in Cabin 10. I did second guess myself during the beginning of the novel, but I figured out who it was a few pages before the book really gave it away.

It amazes me how often people just go with the flow and don’t say anything. If I was the main character I wouldn’t I have even gone to the party. I’d try to keep the past in the past, as a matter of fact, in high school I had to write a letter my freshman year to my senior self. When they gave it back to me I threw it away. Why? Because I already know the kind of person I was then and I don’t want to go back to it.

I think people change who they are and become a better person. Something this book is not a good example of. I think the more often people let go of the past and look at other people -and themselves- in a critical way than they’ll have better luck improving who they are.

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