What I’m Currently Reading: Life After Life

I’m currently 96 pages into Life After Life. So far, it’s been pretty hard to get into. I know they’re in World War 2 and the main character is supposed to do something to help prevent it. (or at least that’s what I’ve heard) It can be tiring to read because the main character will die of something and then start over again. Why? It can be confusing because sometimes the main character might change other things that happened that didn’t relate to her cause of death.

I really hope this gets cleared up later in the story and hopefully she figures out that her life keeps restarting. I also hope the book will reveal what happened on the first few pages. Did Ursula shoot herself? Did someone shoot her? So far the only thing that really helps me put things together are the dates and the chapter titles.

The chapters titled Snow are the ones in which Ursula restarts her, or at least that’s whats been happening so far. So that means her life will restart about 11 times! I don’t know if I can go through with the rest of this book if her life restarts so much, but for now, I’ll keep reading and see how it goes.

Do Books that get Turned into Movies Receive too much Attention?

We’ve all gone into Barnes and Noble, we know the books that have been turned into major motion pictures are in the front(at least in the one I go to). Some days they even have there own special stand right when I walk in the store or right when I’m about to check out. Books that get turned into movies seem to be like those candy bars when check out at a grocery store, they seem to follow me around and they slap Major Motion Picture! On the front with a big exclamation point to convince us to buy it. Sometimes I feel like they get way too much attention and I found some books that haven’t become movies way better than the ones that are.

I think We Were Lairs was a great book and it didn’t get turned into a movie. I also liked The Warrior Cats when I was little and it was the best book series I ever read at that age. I think The Promise of Wolves is underrated and so are many, many other books. I think most of the books that were made into to movies were almost predestined to become one and therefore the writing gears more to the how the story looks rather than what the reader experiences.

Me Before You and The Girl on the Train were those kind of books. Sure the story of Me Before You was heartwarming, but as read I don’t feel like I wasn’t engrossed in the story. Even the title changed and they put the actors and actresses on the cover instead of keeping the original. It was hard to go into my own world when I was forced to be in someone else’s. I felt the same when I read The Girl on the Train, I wasn’t reading it until 1am to finish it because I felt like I wasn’t in the story.

I don’t like how books that get turned into movies always get the first shelf at Barnes and Nobles. A good movie doesn’t equal a good book and sure some books that get turned into movies are great, but not every book. 

Do you think books that get turned into movies are overrated?

The Cabin: I can’t Believe who did it


After my first theory, a lot of information was introduced. There was so much new information I wondered how the main character didn’t know about it in tell now. Did these characters even hang out that often? How could she not know half the terrible things her friends did? It just doesn’t seem realistic, if she’s known these people for so long she should know when they are hiding something. Honestly how could one group of people keep so many secrets? Sure people have made some bad choices, but their choices are over the top.

The murders kind of got out of hand too. If I was Mackenzie and it wasn’t for the “police protect the state, not you,” rule, I would have gone straight to the police about the threats. However, since the police wouldn’t really protect them, I would have just left. At least -as far as the police would allow me to go.

In my last post, I thought for sure is was Aaron, he had left temporarily and I thought it was because he was hiding something. When they took him to jail I thought: Yes! I was right! I was about ready to put the book down until there was another twist.

Megan confessed to killing them. I was so furious when I read that, if I was Mackenzie I would have grabbed her gun anyway just to mess up her plans, I would have cared more about the truth getting out than myself. So if her plan was ruined the truth would be more likely to leak out. I wish Mackenzie would have done that, wasn’t that the whole point of what she went through? All of this, just to watch her friend ruin her life some more.

I will never understand why Aaron took her place and why she did what she did. Mackenzie did everything for her friends, while Megan got to die and she took it even farther by framing Blake for her death to ensure everyone loved her. Why?! She isn’t even going to be there when she’s dead why does it matter if she was loved or not?

I’m glad Mackenzie decided that at least Blake should get out this mess. If I was in her situation I would have left a long time ago. If I could describe this book in two words I would say it was crazy and pointless.

The Cabin by Natasha Preston: I Think I Already Know who did it

I’m currently 72 pages into The Cabin by Natasha Preston and I think I already know who killed Courtney and Josh. I feel like it’s almost too obvious, he told Josh to, “drop dead,” and if that statement was to subtle for you he also told Josh, “[he’d] kill him.” I believe that the person who said they would kill someone is normally the person that did it. Thoughts become ideas, then ideas become words, and then words become actions.

Josh certainly did and said some things that would anger most of the group, but I think it angered Aaron the most. When Gigi and Tilly died in a car crash Josh said he was glad that it was them instead of him and Courtney. I think the whole group would find what Josh said extremely insensitive -but Tilly was Aaron’s ex.

Not to mention Courtney was the one driving before the car crashed. So far it sounds like the car crash was an accident, but Arron doesn’t seem to be taking it that way. His clouded judgement of the crash and his hatred for Josh could have been enough for him to have killed both of them.

Aaron also continues to point a finger at Blake, who seems to want nothing to do with the situation. Aaron is quick to tell Mackinze that he thinks Blake killed them every time Mackinze tries to defend Blake. Blake seems too emotionally distant to have wanted to kill his brother. He doesn’t even want a relationship with half his family and honestly what would Blake even gain if he killed them?

Aaron was protective of the friend group he has and I think that’s another reason he might of killed them. He might have thought they were a threat to the group. Josh would always act controlling and selfish and Courtney would back him up. The car accident seemed to have been mostly their fault if anyones and I think Aaron got tired of them. He might have thought that if he killed them the group could finally be at peace.

What do you think?

In a Dark Dark Wood with Psychopaths!

This book is absolutely in insane, take a perfectionist, a ex best friend and a ex boyfriend and you got a nuclear bomb waiting to go off. These people are adults acting like teenagers.

I thought this book might be too much like Gone Girlbut the conflicts mixed with subtle good deeds forced me to figure out where everyone really stood with each other. Someone would do something really rude, but then they would do a good deed and suddenly all is forgiven. This book drove me mad whenever they did that. It’s funny how this whole situation could have been avoided if they just asked questions and tried to find the truth about people. I get that they were friends, but come on. Just about every character in this book was sketchy in one way or another and I don’t see why these characters could be so blind.

The murder in this crime novel was a lot easier for me to figure out than Ware’s other book, The Woman in Cabin 10. I did second guess myself during the beginning of the novel, but I figured out who it was a few pages before the book really gave it away.

It amazes me how often people just go with the flow and don’t say anything. If I was the main character I wouldn’t I have even gone to the party. I’d try to keep the past in the past, as a matter of fact, in high school I had to write a letter my freshman year to my senior self. When they gave it back to me I threw it away. Why? Because I already know the kind of person I was then and I don’t want to go back to it.

I think people change who they are and become a better person. Something this book is not a good example of. I think the more often people let go of the past and look at other people -and themselves- in a critical way than they’ll have better luck improving who they are.

Books I Plan to Read this Summer

In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware

I enjoyed reading Ware’s The Woman in Cabin Ten, so I’m hoping In a Dark Dark Woodwill be just as pleasant. I like how she builds up the conflict in her books and layers them so the reader isn’t focused completely one the main idea.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

One of my friends stayed up in tell one AM just to finish this book. Our reading tastes are pretty similar(we’ve both read In a Dark Dark Wood and A Dog’s Purpose) so I think I’ll enjoy Big Little Lies as much as she did. I also wanted to read this because it seems to talk about adults older than me that have had kids and have gone through bigger struggles than I have. I think it will help me get a better perspective of life.

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I choose this book because Alexandra writes in what I would call modern writing. Modern writing is when a author switches to a different characters perspective every chapter or so. I think this style is good for the future of writing, it makes it easier for writers to hide things they don’t want the readers to know yet. I think it also makes the story less boring because the author can move the story to whatever action is going on even if one of the characters isn’t involved in it.

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

I choose this book because I wasn’t good at learning Spanish and I want to see what David did to learn French and what it was like to speak it in Paris. It sounds like a beautiful language and I’d like to know a bit more about it.

Difficult Women By Roxane Gay

This book has won plenty of awards -but that’s not what convinced me to put it on this list. I want to read this book because I wanted to see the perspectives that other women have. I might even find that I will go through the same thing.