One Minute of my Time? What is the World Coming to?

Has my generation really gotten to the point where we can’t we put in ONE MINUTE of our own time to read someone else’s work? I’ll admit I’ve clicked the like button and never actually read someone’s post, but their are some post where I actually committed my time to reading it and helped with discussions on another person’s blog. We can do better than this, I know we can do better than this.

We need to put aside some time to focus on others and not just focus on ourselves. I thought that was the point of blogging: to post stuff that people want to see and find things that actually mean something to them. I know, book reviews don’t always mean a lot to people, but with each one a write I hope at least one person finds value in it. I hope it helps people find a book their looking for so they don’t pick up one that they don’t enjoy. That’s my job, to help people find books they like so they aren’t wasting their time.

I hope this helps, let me know if anyone has any good book discussions. Happy blogging!

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