Book About a Dress-Loving Boy and the Unforunate Reaction to it

Jacob's new dress

It’s a kids book about a boy who likes to wear dresses and is used to help other children accept the gay community. It frustrates me that after just a few complaints it gets taken out of schools. It is discussed in, ‘Reading a book can’t turn you gay,’ Say Authors of Children’s Book Yanked by CMS and A book about a dress-loving boy was supposed to teach kids acceptance- until lawmakers complainedI think there are a number of reasons why it shouldn’t be banned and here’s just a few:

1) It Creates Open Minded People


We don’t know everything about the world yet -we don’t even know for sure where we go when we die- who are we to judge? In order to find out everything about the universe we can’t suppress things such as this, maybe people of the same gender really can love each other, but we’ve been so brain washed into thinking that that couldn’t happen. Again, we don’t know everything and if we prevent certain things from happening then how can we learn more?

2) There’s Good and Bad People, but Being Gay in Itself Doesn’t Make a Person Bad.

good and bad peopel

I know gay people, I know straight people, and I know just about everyone in between. I’ve meant straight people who are rude and I’ve meant gay people that make my blood boil. However, I’ve meet people -either gay or straight- that I could strike up a deep, enlightening conversation with. A person shouldn’t be considered bad if they are gay, how they go about living their lives should hardly have an affect on someone so stop making it a big deal.

3) Why is it a big deal?

If someone told their friend that they liked the color red, but their friend liked the color blue are they going to fight each about it? No! Listen, I’m not even gay, I’m straight and I’m discussing this because I have friends that are gay and just because they look at life a different way does not give me a reason to disown them. 

4) Stop Letting History Repeat Itself


Remember that German guy with the mustache that killed all the jews or that one time when the northern and southern states threatened to seperate from each other? If someone doesn’t support gays their just risking something like that happening again, and to be honest I enjoy staying home and reading a book rather than watching my friends get killed just because they saw life in a different way than I did.


If  it was up to me I wouldn’t suppress the book, I think anyone who wants everyone to think a certain way is unreasonable. Only in our differences will we thrive, not our similarities.



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