How I’m Writing my Outline

I will say, I’m yet to write a book -although I written over 120 pages worth of stories. I wanted to show everyone how I’m doing my outline, I think it might help others think about how they want to create their own. Here’s who I’m doing it:

What I bought:

  • Cork board
  • Pins
  • Index Cards
  • Different colors of pens

The Set Up


On my cork board, I have several index cards, most showing the storyline, one has my list of concerns in the story I want to write, so each time I go up to it, I know what I need to keep track of to make the story better. Towards the right I have the name’s of the main characters. I plan on putting their physical descriptions on their as well as how they develop in the story. I used the colored pens to show the major and minor conflicts in the story -however I was just experimenting with it and I don’t think it turned out the way I planned. I had also bought red thread, thinking I could use it to connect certain parts of the story, but I didn’t use it, I wasn’t sure how it would help with this particular story. I think the index were enough to help set it up.

On one side of the index cards, I wrote the broader version of my story, on the back is a much more detailed idea of how the story will go. I wrote this so I don’t get off track of my main goal, I think it will really help once I’ve finished the outline. I’m almost done with the detailed version of it -however, it’s still a fresh idea and I might have to change it up a bit to make sure everything falls in line.

Why write an outline?

I tried writing a story(novel length) without an outline and everything fell apart. An outline helps remind me what the my goals are for the story so I don’t write something completely different from what I originally planned. I strongly recommend that everyone does an outline, at least for a novel length story. Whether it be through cork boards, index cards, a google doc, really anything you can write your thoughts on. It will be such a hassle if you don’t, writing the main ideas (and subplots) down will save you so much time and it won’t give you as many headaches.


Links to blogs that help with outlines:

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Websites that help with outlines:

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