Why I don’t Like Math

Some people are obsessed with putting numbers and letters to together, adding some greek letters here and there to make it more complex. As for my myself, not so much. Here is a list of reasons why I don’t like math:

It’s Just Numbers

just numbers

There’s nothing entertaining about it, it’s just there, waiting for someone to figure out what the answer is. I’d rather find our purpose here on earth than do equations that relate to logarithms or the quadratic formula. A number itself, symbolizes nothing to me.

I’m not Even Told WHY I’m Learning it

math meme

That is my number motivation killer, I’m currently learning precalculus right now and my friends keep telling that half the stuff I’m learning now, I’m not even going to use in calculus. Stop, wasting, my, time, I’m so, so tired of this, I don’t want to learn something that not going to help me, so don’t grade me for it. In some aspects of it, I’m not even told what I’m going to be using even for, sometimes my own teacher can’t even EXPLAIN how I would use it outside of the classroom.

It’s Just not Fun Anymore

fun quote

Math used to be like a game to me, even  when I learned multiplication as a third grader I thought if I get all the answers right I win! Now I think try to learn this and you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. Figuring out a problem now has been nothing but a headache, even when I learn something in math, I’ll forget it in about a week. The hardest part is trying to force feed yourself information that you know you won’t even use.


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