How to be a Fearless Writer

fearless person

If you want to write a good story, novel, or even a simple blog post you can’t agree with what everyone says, or write about what’s trending at the time. Here are some tips on how to be a fearless writer:

1) What is important to you?

You have to write about something that is important to you if you ever want to write fearlessly.  There may be people that disagree -some might harshly criticize you- but what’s important is that you are true to your readers. You can’t please everyone and soon people will find out what you’re trying to do and they will stop reading. However, if you are true to your readers and you write things that are completely and wholeheartedly something you believe in, you will soon find a group of people that agree with what you believe -maybe even more than you might think.


2) What is your symbol?

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If you support LGBT rights, you know a rainbow is normally the symbol for the group of people that do. If you work as a Fedex employee, you’ll know the hidden symbol in the logo. Why should you have a symbol? Simple, so the group of people that believe what you believe in will have an easier time finding you. Symbols how are what help us stay strong and stay together. The symbol will help attract your group of people so they can help support you and make your voice even stronger and heard.


3) Block out the haters

blocking out the haters

It is good to have healthy criticism, but if someone is giving your content rueful comments without an explanation as to why, then you should probably stop listening. Some people just was to tear others down and it can be easy for them to -especially when they’re behind a screen- keep going and remember there is someone out there that feels the same way you do.


Happy blogging!

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