Hoping Gone Girl Will be Gone From my Mind

Amy is suddenly gone, a strange crime scene is left for the police. Most blame the husband, but the wife has a questionable past. So what happened?


I’m going to give Gone Girl three out of five stars. At first I really liked where it was going, it gave you a strange scene at first, with mopped up blood and messes that weren’t supposed to be there. Nick began act strange and things were popping up that he couldn’t explain. Then it revealed that he cheated on Amy and I thought for sure that he did kill her. Then Amy started talking about the “cool girl” and that’s when the story starting to reveal how Amy gave the illusion that Nick did it.

Towards the end, I disliked both of the characters and eventually I didn’t really care about what happened to them. Maybe that’s the point the author was trying to get across. Once a crime is “solved” no wants to dig much deeper, which aggravated me

Everything was so set up, and what about the two people that Amy met while she was in the cabin? What about all the other people Amy destroyed? If they all testified would she get arrested? If I was Nick I would rather die than be with someone like her.

I’ll admit I liked Nick better than Amy, she never explained to him why she was mad and didn’t like repeating herself. People forget okay, get over it, stop taking it personally. She also let him do things like get drunk with his friends on their anniversary. She let him take her money as well as her parents. She allowed her parents to control her and convince people that she was the person they perceived her to be. She could have talked to her parents about how she felt and maybe they would have done something different, but I guess in Amy’s mind, destroying their lives seemed to be the best option.


It was hard for me to watch the movie, it was just so messed up, they kept doing stupid things. Amy tried to punish Nick for not making her happy, Nick decided to cheat on her instead of leaving her or working things out. Just thinking about this book makes me want to throw up. I thought you both brought this upon yourselves and your intentionally trying to make it worse, just stop. I didn’t even get through the  movie, Go was the only character that convinced me to watch for so long. The two main characters have done so many messed up things that I found both of them emotionally unreachable. 




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