The Dying Art of Romance Novels

There’s all kinds of books ranging from science fiction, to realistic fiction, but it seems some people believe that romance has been a degraded genre. I think they’re just repetitive and people are getting bored of reading them. Some of the conflicts are hardly even that difficult for the characters to get over and I think romance writers can do so much better. Here is what I think romance writers should do to improve their books and feel free to comment any other ideas that come to mind.


Jimmy and Jane don’t have to have a happily ever after.

Romance novels do this all the time and it’s so, so predictable. Maybe Jimmy has to move or Jane dies in a car crash. Maybe it took the other person years to move on because they missed them so much. Romeo and Juliet was a romantic play, but no one sees anything else like it anymore.

There’s more to life than lovers

Even if it is romance, remember people typically have other ambitions too.  Maybe Jane got a job in New York, but Jimmy has to stay where they are for his work and Jane is crying because she can’t decide what she wants more. Most people -especially someone that doesn’t have a partner quite yet- are at a tug of war between what they want to do in life and the people they want in their life. I think this is important in romance novels, dreams need to be acknowledged if romance writers really want their stories to look realistic.

Maybe someone gets burned

Analogy to dating, just because someone asks, doesn’t always mean the other person will say yes

Again, it shouldn’t be predictable, it shouldn’t always be Jimmy asks Jane out either. They shouldn’t always say yes to the first person that asks them out. Maybe Jack asked Jane out before Jimmy did and Jane said no. It will make the novel better because this is what happens in real life. 

It’s not always rainbows and unicorns

Don’t make the book happy and giddy all the time, that’s not what happens in the real world. Maybe Jimmy’s family died in a fire and he’s clinging onto Jane because she’s the only “family” he has. Maybe they fight because Jimmy cheated on Jane, maybe Jane leaves and ends up dating Jack.

Make things CHANGE

One thing I’ve seen in romance novels is there isn’t really much of an arch in either character, all that changes is their relationship status. I know people can’t always change others, but maybe something else does. For example, maybe Jimmy hates kids and Jane loves them. Maybe Jane creates a “bring your child to work day,” and there is a kid that makes Jimmy change his mind without persuading him to.

It doesn’t have to be sappy

If someone’s a good writer, they can find other ways to appeal to a readers emotions. Readers don’t have to fall in love with the male or female lover, but they should at least fall in love with their relationship. This is another romance thing that is repetitive and almost cliché. Cliché writing is a path no writer should go down. For some readers it almost makes them want to set the book down and find something else. Maybe Jack and Jane just like getting coffee and talking rather than Jack giving Jane flowers every day.

If someone writes romance fiction and wants to keep the genre alive, please, please shuffle a deck of ideas and write down a list of things in romance novels that have become common. The world wants something new and we’re waiting for romance writers to show us a different story.

One Minute of my Time? What is the World Coming to?

Has my generation really gotten to the point where we can’t we put in ONE MINUTE of our own time to read someone else’s work? I’ll admit I’ve clicked the like button and never actually read someone’s post, but their are some post where I actually committed my time to reading it and helped with discussions on another person’s blog. We can do better than this, I know we can do better than this.

We need to put aside some time to focus on others and not just focus on ourselves. I thought that was the point of blogging: to post stuff that people want to see and find things that actually mean something to them. I know, book reviews don’t always mean a lot to people, but with each one a write I hope at least one person finds value in it. I hope it helps people find a book their looking for so they don’t pick up one that they don’t enjoy. That’s my job, to help people find books they like so they aren’t wasting their time.

I hope this helps, let me know if anyone has any good book discussions. Happy blogging!

Who did it? The Women in Cabin Ten by Ruth Ware

the women in cabin ten.jpg

Let me first just talk about the cover, no matter how much someone will try to drill into a readers head that the cover doesn’t matter it still won’t happen. Humans are visual creatures and there isn’t much we can do to change that. The cover on The Women in Cabin Ten literally caught my eye, some kind of shiny material was used to add more detail to the rain and I loved the texture of the book. If you’re not really a nook person like I am the texture might also be something authors, and publishers should keep in mind. The shades of blue they used on the cover was good too, it had some dark shades to it, giving it an eerie feeling. I thought the window itself was also appealing, it makes the viewer think there’s something I’m looking into, maybe something I’m not supposed to be seeing, but I get to see it anyway.

Thrillers, crime, and mysteries are the types of books I’ve come to read more and more. The Women in Cabin Ten seemed like a little bit of all three, with burglary, a missing person, things going missing. The sub plots were intriguing, with the main character having a little romance going on and the backgrounds of the other characters were unique, each had their own personality, one I found to be quite funny. My head was spinning with theories, did so and so do this? If so and so did it then what about this? But they couldn’t have done because this other thing happened! It was hard to get everything to add up and eventually I ended up giving up on what I thought was going to happen and just let the book take me where it wanted me to go.

How did you feel about this book? If you’re thinking about reading it what questions do you have? Did you like the romantic subplots or did you think it was too much?


Mystery Blogger Award

Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you so much Zoë for nominating me! I think this award will help bring bloggers together so we can find ways to improve our posts. I’d also like to thank Okoto Enigma for creating this award!

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About Me

  1. I’m currently a senior at my high school right now and I’m struggling with trying to find my place in the world. I’ve got a lot to figure out and I hope blogging might help me find what I’m looking for in life.
  2. I love caring for my dog, Zeus, by May he will be about 12 years old. Taking him for walks helps me stop worrying about what’s going on in my life.
  3. My name is Athena, but I’m not actually greek, my parents wanted to name me that because they knew someone with that name.

Answers to Zoë’s Questions:

  1. The last book I abandoned was Hot House by Brain Aldissthe setting took place where the earth had stop orbiting the sun and plants became animal like. I didn’t like the names of the characters or the way he described the plants. He would only give one to two sentences of description for each one, which bothered me because I couldn’t picture the plants or the characters well.
  2. One book to movie adaptation that I was unbelievably disappointed in was The City of BonesI talked about what I didn’t like about it in my Movie vs. Book post.
  3. Still life pictures are my favorite book covers! If my friends hadn’t told me the plot of Twilight, I probably would have read it. I especially love still life photos that give the viewer the same feelings that the story gives them. My post, Dear Authors, STOP Putting Characters on the Cover goes more in depth on what covers I like.
  4. A universe I would want to live in is probably Narnia, I love talking to animals and it would be cool if animals could literary talk back to me. I’m not really that much of a religious person, but Aslan still means so much to me. If I had a wardrobe like that, I’d never leave it.
  5. If books became scented I would buy one that had a coffee smell to it. I love waking up to the smell of coffee in the mourning. If I planned to read the majority of a book at night, I would choose a lavender scent. Lavender makes people sleepy and -at least in my opinion- I find it calming.

My Questions:

  1. What is one book you have read that you think is underrated? Why do you think it’s underrated?
  2. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring three books what would you bring?
  3. Which would you prefer: coffee, tea, or neither? Why?
  4. Do you keep the artist separate from the art? Or do you think they should go together? What I mean is, say an artist creates something that you absolutely love, but you find out they are a terrible person, would you still enjoy their art or would you boycott it?
  5. The weird question: If you had to do cartwheels or somersaults for the rest of your life which one would you choose?

Your turn! Even if you’ve done it before feel free to do it again.

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