How to Write Your Voice

It’s not just about finding who you are, it’s figuring out how to tell someone who you are. Finding your voice will help you organize your mind and it will help you figure how you want to live your life. Here are some tips for finding your voice:

1) Read


Reading articles, books, or short stories will help you figure out a way you might like to write. Make sure you aren’t just using one person’s writing structure, each person has there own way of writing and trying to copy a certain could look strange to readers. (and may also be plagiarzing)

2) What’s your opinion?


Remember writing something like,  oh. this book was great! Or that sandwich was good wouldn’t be worth reading to someone if you don’t give context as to why you liked it. Don’t make your writing stale, use why you like or dislike a certain thing so you can help your readers develop their own opinion.

3)Do you care?


If you want your reader to remember your story, article, book etc. you have to care a lot about it. You have to pour yourself into it and show why you care through personal experience or real world problems. If you don’t care, your readers won’t care either. Writing about something you care about will inspire you to find your own voice.

4)Does it sound like you?


Remember, only you know who you are and no one else. As your writing think to yourself: is this something I would say? How would I tell my friends about this topic? Sometimes your writing look a lot different then something you might actually say, make sure they both go together.



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