Book vs. Movie

Books and movies(well mostly Netflix) consume most of my down time, but I’d have to say, I’m yet to watch a movie I thought was better than the book.

One of the most disappointing movies I ever watched was City of Bones, a story about half human half angel people called shadow shadowhunters. I absolutely loved the twists and turns this book had and I decided to watch the movie on my birthday with my friends. I will admit, I had some pretty high exceptions for the movie, but even now if I went back to watch it, I would probably still think it was terrible.


Actresses in the movie City of Bones, Clary’s mom is on the left, Clary is on the right.

Even just the start of it gives away everything that could potently be exciting, they already talk about the supernatural stuff in the first scene and in this scene Clary has some type of mark which she didn’t have in the book, which somehow worries her mother.

Her mother, Jocelyn isn’t taken by Valentine either(the villain who made Jocelyn’s son a demon), so I guess her mom got to tell her all about the shadow hunter world. The book made Clary figure out what was going on instead of just being told what was happening. It made the movie really boring.

One another thing that I had pictured in the book and certainly didn’t happen in the movie , was the way the characters looked. The cover of the book gave the reader the illusion that Jace was a thick, and broad shouldered teen  and the movie completely flipped it around! Not to mention his hair also looks curlier on and gives him a more “golden boy,”look on the original cover.


I think it’s really hard to make film adaptions, even with the books that movie makers find adaptable. As a reader, there are some scenes I find crucial in moving the story along or making it more interesting and sometimes movie adaptions leave it out or just sped passed it.

The day I find a good book to movie adaption, is the day I find a movie that nearly word for word what the book is.


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