Why I Think People Are Overreacting to the Dog’s Purpose Video

If you don’t already know there is a video that shows a particular moment that happened behind the scenes for the movie, A Dog’s Purpose. In the video a German Sherperd named Hercules is supposed to go into water and save a boy. At that moment the dog didn’t want to go into the water, but he had to for the movie. Then he goes in during the second clip. After watching it I will say they could have done it differently, but I don’t think that’s a reason to not see the movie.

First of all, the trainer probably had no intention of harming the dog in any way. He is most likely needed for multiple scenes and plenty of people were watching over the dog,(including the American Humane Association) so if something bad did happen, they had enough people to help prevent it and they also had people there to make sure the dog wasn’t harmed. Not to mention in the trailer  the dog looked perfectly fine and even in the news they stated that the dog was alright.

I think this is a complete overreaction, there are so many other much worse places animals are in currently and so many people are worried about one moment of this dog’s life. This dog is probably feed every day and given lots of attention. Hercules was given a name too, not all animals get that. This is not a crime against humanity, the people who are creating this movie are not promoting pit bull fights, kicking dogs, or starving animals to death. This movie was made to help promote the adoption of dogs.

Another point I’d like to make is that quite a lot of people don’t remember is that animals are much more forgiving then we are and I don’t this this moment affected the dog’s metal health as much a some people think. There is even another video that explains that the dog might not have even been forced in the water to begin with. This youtube video explains that the clip was made in 2015!   If they really did harm the dog why wait two years later to release it? What happened between the two clips?

What are your thoughts?




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