“I want you to think about whether you want this job or not.”

This what my supervisor said to me, I worked at a fast food restaurant. It was my first job and I was stressed out, she must have mistaken my stress for attitude and on my first few weeks of the job she told me to go home and think about whether I wanted this job or not.During that time, I was in her office crying, she told about how bad her life was and that I didn’t appreciate the job she gave me. Then another women who had been working there for a while came in, she told me about how she lived with her grandparents when she was young and how I didn’t appreciate the life that I lived. At the time I was really upset because I thought I did something wrong. After crying for a long time I called up the supervisor and told her I wanted to quit. I cried even harder cause I thought that after doing that I might never find another job.

That experience took me nearly a year to get over, after that I applied to over ten different places. A waited for a while, but finally I got three calls back. When I went in to work at my second job I was in more nervous than before, but I gradually got used to it.

This job helped me realize that I didn’t do anything wrong at my first job. Did I feel sorry for the situation they were in? Yes, but that didn’t give them the right to tell me I didn’t appreciate the job. I did, I was just so stressed out over doing a good job that I forgot to relax.

I’m telling this story because I know life can suck sometimes. I know sometimes life will make you think you’ll be stuck in a bad place forever. Just remember that there is hope.


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