The List

So like it is every summer, we are told we can read, “what ever book we want,” for our English class, “as long as it had this award.” I strongly disagree with this, I don’t think we should be limited to a book a few people thought was good. I considered taking an AP English class, but then I realized that half the books we were told to read weren’t even in stores, they had to be ordered online.

Fortunately, the book I’m currently reading is on my summer reading list, but still, these books are something we are going to spend days analyzing and writing essays on. I think if the school system really wants us to dive into our books, the options should be limitless. Just because one person said that a book was good, doesn’t mean everyone will think it’s good.

What frustrated me even more was that if the book had been turned into a movie, we couldn’t read it for summer reading. I think reading a book that had been turned into a movie is even better! You can see how other people visualized it and compare it with your own perspective. If their so worried that students will just watch the movie instead of reading the book, just ask them for the differences between the two! It’s that simple, because no one can make a movie exactly the way it was written, it would just take too much time.

Sometimes I think schools forget that their students want to learn, but all of these lists and limited perspectives are suppressing their ability to grow. We choose are own mold, no one else can decide that for us, no matter how many lists you throw at us, you can’t force us to have a perspective we don’t want. We create our own perspectives, and loosening the leash a little makes are perspectives even greater.

I’ve read books that some schools might deem “inappropriate,” but I think in some cases it might be good for us. I think if I read The Way I Used To Be in middle school, my teachers might give me a disaproving look, but the truth is that bad things do happen and we need to be aware of these bad things to help others, it can’t get any deeper than that.

Another thing that I don’t like about the lists, is that there mostly just stories we’re analyzing, there isn’t even a moral to it! Why would you ask someone to read something if they won’t even be able to gain a new perspective from it?! There needs to be a deeper reason to why we should read it rather than using it, “just to look for figurative language.” Books weren’t written to be analyzed, they were written to be enjoyed and figureative language isn’t even what makes a good book, it’s showing the reader what’s happening and revealing just enough to leave them wanting to read more. It’s just that simple.

So my advice to anyone who has gotten “the list,” is this: if it’s just a story and in your opinion it’s boring, find another book or even a book worth reading over and over again.



2 thoughts on “The List

  1. Vrushali says:

    Your opinion is really unique. Mpst of the time I hear book lovers rant about how the book was nothing like the book (even me!) But I never considered that they are different and they can be enjoyed differently. Thank you for this! I learnt a new thing today because of you!

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