Why I Read…

1. It’s relaxing


After I read a book I feel like I’m floating through my life, I feel calm and relaxed. I feel there is nothing anyone can do to ruin my day after I’ve read. When I read, I think about the characters in the book and make up my own stories as I read without thinking about homework or stressing over graduation.

2. Empathy


I’m the kind of person that enjoys books that make me want to cry.(which some might find totally strange) When I cry over something it shows that I really care about what happens. Sometimes, it encourages me to want to do something about it if the book is nonfiction. It makes me what to help change the world and impact people for the better.



Sometimes after I read a book, it gives me a creative vibe. Sometimes I’ll even paint after I read and I end up really liking what I made.It helps me think of things I won’t normally think of. Reading help me think of new ideas.

4. It’s a movie in your mind


I’ve always liked the book better than the movie, most authors don’t control the exact image you see in your head. If the author says someone looks pretty than you visualizes what you think is pretty, there is no image of picture there to control what the character’s supposed to look like.

5. Better discussions

Kitten trying to get at a goldfishI think reading books can help to fuel some really good discussions. It helps people think even deeper about life, we start asking some pretty serious questions and figure out what we think works and what doesn’t work in the world. Book discussions can sometimes help us solve real life problems.

6. Last, but not least.. THE SMELL


The smell of a book, new or old, is unique, I think it is one of the most wonderful smells in the world. If frebeze made a scent that m like books I would certainly try it.

Runners: You CAN Prevent Stomach Cramps While Running

I first started running when I was in Middle School. Food and running seemed to become a vicious cycle. If I ate before I ran, I would get cramps. If I ate after I ran I would cramp, if I ate then waited an hour before running I would still cramp. After years of consist struggling between food and running I finally figured out what works for me and hopefully it will work for you too.

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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

So I know it’s been a while, but I finally got around to finishing the third book of the Millennium Series. I liked some aspects of it, but I will say that now I’m a little disappointed in Blomvist and Slander. However, I’m more disappointed in him rather than her.

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Are Longer Stories more Powerful than Short ones?


I’ve seen all different kinds of stories, from mircofiction to a whole series of books. For a while I thought that longer stories made a bigger impact than the smaller ones. However, now I’m beginning to see that they are both equally powerful.

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