Why I Read…

1. It’s relaxing


After I read a book I feel like I’m floating through my life, I feel calm and relaxed. I feel there is nothing anyone can do to ruin my day after I’ve read. When I read, I think about the characters in the book and make up my own stories as I read without thinking about homework or stressing over graduation.

2. Empathy


I’m the kind of person that enjoys books that make me want to cry.(which some might find totally strange) When I cry over something it shows that I really care about what happens. Sometimes, it encourages me to want to do something about it if the book is nonfiction. It makes me what to help change the world and impact people for the better.



Sometimes after I read a book, it gives me a creative vibe. Sometimes I’ll even paint after I read and I end up really liking what I made.It helps me think of things I won’t normally think of. Reading help me think of new ideas.

4. It’s a movie in your mind


I’ve always liked the book better than the movie, most authors don’t control the exact image you see in your head. If the author says someone looks pretty than you visualizes what you think is pretty, there is no image of picture there to control what the character’s supposed to look like.

5. Better discussions

Kitten trying to get at a goldfishI think reading books can help to fuel some really good discussions. It helps people think even deeper about life, we start asking some pretty serious questions and figure out what we think works and what doesn’t work in the world. Book discussions can sometimes help us solve real life problems.

6. Last, but not least.. THE SMELL


The smell of a book, new or old, is unique, I think it is one of the most wonderful smells in the world. If frebeze made a scent that m like books I would certainly try it.


The China Study: My Favorite Chapter

For this blog, I didn’t want to go into to deep studies on why veganism is good for many reasons. That’s for a different audience. Instead, I want to discuss one of my favorite parts of this book that talks more about a story than about research.

By doing this I am not trying to promote that the research done in this book is just a joke. It has taken these authors years to gather on the information they need to make their research as well constructed as possible. They’ve even gone as far as to revise it and I’ve bought their revised edition. By no means should they be discredited without first looking through all their research throughly.

the-china-study-revised-expandedMy favorite chapter is called Repeating Histories -it is the last chapter of this book. It talks about how the author was digging into some family history, but then he discovered something more important. He found that scholars have been arguing about the nature of health for thousands of years. He found a dialogue that Plato had written. Socrates and Glaucon were the only characters and they discussed the future of their cities.

Socrates wanted a city built on simplicity, he thought that if foods were taken in moderation then people would live long and healthy lives.

Glaucon thought that a more, “civil,” way of doing things would be that every citizen should have the “luxury,” of eating meat. He thought, “they ought to recline on couches… and have the usual dishes and dessert of a modern dinner.”

Socrates warned that demanding such things would result in land disputes. To raise animals for meat would require a lot more land than simply growing plants. Socrates then predicted that due to this, law courts and doctors would be abundant. Meaning that Plato had predicted what things would look like thousands of years into the future.

The truth is that people have known for thousands that animal products aren’t that great for us. I think only just now has animal consumption recached it peak -but now it’s starting to decline.



100 Goals

Sounds pretty crazy right? I know 100 goals sounds like a lot. However, I’ve decided to use this as motivation so that way I can look at the goals I’ve already completed and maybe that will help motivate me to reach more of them. I’m crossing out the ones I’ve already completed.

1) Write a book

2) Learn how to make a wordpress theme

3) Have read at least 200 books

4) Have longer hair

5) Get rid of acene

6) Get rid of acne scars

7) Get back to 100 pounds

8) Have toned arms

9) Use only distilled water

10) Live off a garden

11) Do a plank for ten mintues

12) Become zero waste

13) Have a successful blog

14) Own my own house

15) Paint a elf in watercolor

16) Learn Greek

17) Learn how to make clothes

18) Teach the importance of health

19) Help people love themselves

20) Learn to play guitar

21) Have a successful YouTube channel

22) Make a animation

23) Run a marathon

24) Own a resturant

25) Learn to roller skate

26) Learn to ice skate

27) Put up pictures of things I love

28) Own a dog(I mean I have one, but my parents pay for him and he’s technically a family dog)

29) Make a cookbook

30) Teach horsemanship to others

31) Open people up to veganism

32) Use hydroponics

33) Study and do experiments on plant telepathy

34) Buy a necklace with a leaf pendant

35) Try sking at least once

36) Make at least 5,000 dollars a month

37) Do the splits

38) Do a handstand for twenty seconds

39) Make better food choices

40) Maintain a healthier weight

41) Help the homeless

42) Learn to surf

43) Go to Greece

44) Go to Japan

45) See wolves at Yellowstone

46) Sell homemade products

47) Live in a house with NO junk food

48) Live in a house with NO TV

49) Write a book with someone

50) Have a kid(ONE KID)

51) Learn sign language

52) Touch my toes without unstraighting my legs

53) Go 100% vegan

54) Make my own toothpaste

55) Learn to dance

56) Write at least one song

57) Read the China Study

58) Hike the Applachain Trail

59) Travel to the Carriben

60) Do cancer studies/research

61) Have a collection of make up form lush

62) Make my own perfume

63) Learn to fight

64) Do a DNA test

65) Own a horse

66) Buy a book with writing prompts and write something for each

67) Shower under a waterfall at least once

68) Build stuff for wildlife around my home

69) See pryor mustangs

70) Build a primitive shelter at least once

71) Help make college less expensive

72) Read at least five self help books

73) Read at least five vegan books

74) Build a tiny house

75) Drive or make a eco friendly car

76) Make at least one dress

77) Go zip lining 

78) Go mountain climbing

79) Have a solar powered home

80) Share food from my garden

81) Continue to learn how the human body works

82) Relearn Spanish

83) Use a standing desk

84) Make money online

85) Write at least one good play

86) Own a library

87) Make a comic

88) Get better at chess

89) Have a whole room of just books

90) Sleep under the stars

91) Grow old with someone

92) Make at least one app

93) See Paris

94) Go to Hawaii

95) Go to Mexico

96) Make a journal collage of pictures

97) Pay back my parents for taking care of me all these years

98) Live to at least 100

99) Try to love people every day

100) Try to help people reach their goals

I know I might not reach all of these goals, but even though life is short I don’t think I want to spend every day doing the exact same thing. I hope with enough motivation I’ll be able to complete all of these goals.

I actually made this post months go, but I didn’t post because I was afraid that I wouldn’t go through with some of these goals. However, after looking back, I changed it to goals that I think suit me better and if I change my mind I’ll add a different goal to the list. I know as times goes by our minds begin to think differently and sometimes we don’t end up doing the things we thought we wanted to do because other things became more important. Despite this, I still plan to complete 100 goals and use this blog to track my progress.






Things I’m Tired of Telling Myself


I haven’t been motivated to do much lately and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the fact that I’ve been beating myself down. I thought I could jungle school, writing, working out, working at my job as a dish washer(sounds awesome right?) as well as volunteering at an animal shelter and getting chores done on top of all that. I’ve kind of beaten myself up about it and I’ve reached a low point where I’m not doing too great in all the things I’ve invested some time into. I think if I make a list of things I’m tired of telling myself then maybe I’ll be able to improve myself more -and more importantly try to help anyone who might be willing to take the time to read this.

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Finding Happiness

It’s clear that I’ve been neglecting this blog as well as my other social media accounts. I’ve been on and off social media, on and off school, on and off working out and trying to eat a healthy -although I have managed to stay vegan since August. I’ve realized once again that I’ve been doing things other people want me to do and not exactly what I want to do.

My parents want me to go to college as most parents do. I’ve spent the fall studying to be a vet tech and I’m still currently doing that. However, Even though I’ve applied to vet clinics I still haven’t been offered a job and now that I’ve had time to think about it I’m not sure if its a good fit for me. I still love books, but I also love animals and many many other things.

I’ve been trying to balance out what is most important to me. If I stay in college and become a vet tech I only make a few dollars more than I’m making at my current job so I might only make 15 dollars an hour after spending thousands of dollars for college. I might have to give animals heavy medications and as a firm believer in using the power of food to help heal ourselves as well as animals I’d find it hard for me to do that,

The only thing I’ve found through my cluttered mind was that I was stressed last semester and I tried to make everything perfect. I think I overworked myself and I didn’t spend any time with friends- not even over winter break. This semester I just don’t care, I mean I like some of my classes especially my science class, but the other classes I’m required to make for my degree are just ridiculous.

When I was blogging -more for myself and not for my classes- I felt a lot happier. After this semester I told my parents that I wanted to take a break and just explore the things I was able to do without thousands of dollars of debt dangling in front of my face. Once this semester is over, I plan just read, work out, eat well, try to make myself better rather than do what other people want me to do. I’m also hoping I can just hang out with friends more and just try to find what will make me happy.

About the Author: John Grisham

John Grisham is the author of the true story, The Innocent ManHe has written many books, some have been published as far back as 1988 while others are more recent. His first book was A Time to Kill and he first best seller was The Firm.

John Grisham stated that he “never dreamed of being a writer.” It wasn’t in tell he witnessed a trail that he became inspired to write.

John Grisham

Grisham’s life seems to have turned in all kinds of directions before he started to write. When he was younger he wanted to be a baseball player. Then he released his dream wasn’t realistic so he went into accounting at Mississippi State University. Then in 1981 he graduated from law school. He was elected to the state house of Representatives in 1983 and served until 1990.

The trail that inspired Grisham to write his first book was not his case. However, he still took the time to watch the trail. It was about a twelve year old girl who had been raped and beaten. Which inspired Grisham to write a story where the girl’s father killed that rapist and was then put on trail himself. Grisham would wake up at 5 am each morning before work so he could work on writing it.

Once he had finished writing his first book A Time to Kill, it was rejected by more than 25 publishers. It wasn’t published until the unknown pushing company, Wynwood Press, decided to print it. The day after his first book was pushblished, Grisham decided to work on his second book, The Firm. 

Most people would assume that everything in Grisham’s life was fine after he published his second book and Paramount offered him 600,000 dollars for movie rights to his book. However, after becoming a successful writer terrible things were happening at his firm. “Two of the firm’s lawyers [died] mysteriously.” He knew he could be risking his life if talked to the FBI about what had happened. They thought that the deaths were connected with the mafia. Grisham realized that after this incident, he had to stop working at the firm. So he began writing full time.

Then after writing many books, Grisham announced he was going back to the courtroom in 1995.  He accepted a case in 1991 where he, “[represented] the estate of an employee of the Illinois Central Railroad who was killed on the job.”

Grisham stated that, “for lawyers, the main dream of escape is to get out of the profession.” Which is exactly what Grisham did, however, he didn’t stay out of the courtroom permanently.


Blogging Struggles


blogging struggles

In my mind, my blog isn’t even close to good enough compared to all the other bloggers I’ve seen.  I’m writing this to show everyone the struggles I’ve come across and I hope to fix them soon.  Some of the struggles I’ve had are:

1) Finding good content

I think writing is the easy part of blogging. Once I have an idea I can just type away, but finding an idea takes times and thought. First, I have to figure out if the idea is worth writing to begin with. Sometimes I think I might posts things that might conflict with other people too much so I delete the drafts.

2) Posting consistently

I’ve been getting better at this, however, I think I still need to improve. So far,  About the Author posts are the the only posts I will write monthly. The rest has been, well, for my English class.

3) Organizing Posts

I’ll admit, I’m a terrible book reviewer. I haven’t make a rating system yet and I still don’t really have an idea of how I should outline them. I just go off  about whatever comes to mind that is related to the book, however, I only think this is good to some extent.

4) Organizing the Blog

I’ve been getting better at this too. However, I still think there are some posts that I am yet to give a page for and many of my posts can only be found on my feed and not on my pages.

5) My English Class..

My first College English has really showed me just how much work my blog needs. I’ve been doing three minute reflections for this class. Only three minutes for one post?!?! I think each of my posts deserve at least twenty minutes of my time. Sure, I think trying to write a prompt fast can help me become a better writer, but I don’t want to post it because I know I only spent three minutes on it. I know that technically the posts for my English class are due by the end of the semester, but I think I’ll forget to post it later so I publish as soon as the three minutes are up so I can get credit for it. I plan to revise them in the future so they aren’t as choppy.

What struggles have you had as a blogger? How far do you think you’ve come?