Why I Read…

1. It’s relaxing


After I read a book I feel like I’m floating through my life, I feel calm and relaxed. I feel there is nothing anyone can do to ruin my day after I’ve read. When I read, I think about the characters in the book and make up my own stories as I read without thinking about homework or stressing over graduation.

2. Empathy


I’m the kind of person that enjoys books that make me want to cry.(which some might find totally strange) When I cry over something it shows that I really care about what happens. Sometimes, it encourages me to want to do something about it if the book is nonfiction. It makes me what to help change the world and impact people for the better.



Sometimes after I read a book, it gives me a creative vibe. Sometimes I’ll even paint after I read and I end up really liking what I made.It helps me think of things I won’t normally think of. Reading help me think of new ideas.

4. It’s a movie in your mind


I’ve always liked the book better than the movie, most authors don’t control the exact image you see in your head. If the author says someone looks pretty than you visualizes what you think is pretty, there is no image of picture there to control what the character’s supposed to look like.

5. Better discussions

Kitten trying to get at a goldfish

I think reading books can help to fuel some really good discussions. It helps people think even deeper about life, we start asking some pretty serious questions and figure out what we think works and what doesn’t work in the world. Book discussions can sometimes help us solve real life problems.

6. Last, but not least.. THE SMELL


The smell of a book, new or old, is unique, I think it is one of the most wonderful smells in the world. If frebreze made a scent that smelled like books then I would certainly try it.

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 7

“Georgia that dog has to go,” Holly crossed her arms and blocked the entrance to their apartment. Her emerald green eyes piercing into Georgia as Georgia scrunched up the terrier’s white fluffy fur in his hands.

“No!” Georgia said loud enough that everyone else in the hallway turned to look at them. Holly rolled her eyes opened the door and pushed her friend inside. “I clean up after her, pay for her food, walk her, I do everything for her Holly. I’ve never even asked you to do anything for her.”

Holly went to the fridge, the sun gleaming on her spiked blond hair. She grabbed some yogurt and a spoon. “That dog has thrown up on the floor twice this week,” Holly said twirling the spoon in her yogurt. “If you don’t take her to the pound tomorrow I will.”

The dog wagged its tail as Georgia stroked its back. “And I told you it was the food so I changed what I was giving her.”

“Yeah, by making homemade meals for her likes she’s a human child or something.”

“They put sick animals in dog food,” Georgia said. “And might I remind you that this dog used to belong to my grandmother and she’d be devastated if I ever gave her away.”

Holly swallowed her yogurt and stared at her friend. “You can’t keep doing this to yourself Georgia. All your time outside of work is dedicated to that brain dead dog,” Holly paused. “And besides your grandmas dead its not like she’d know.” Tears went down Georgia’s eyes as she clutched the small dog in her arms and walked over to her room. “Wait I didn’t mean-” Georgia shut the door to her bedroom. “Hey we’ll talk more about it tomorrow okay? I didn’t think-,” that you were that attached to her, Holly thought as she threw the rest of her yogurt in the trash.


Holly cleaned up the dinner she had made for herself -Georgia was still in her room. Holly walked up to Georgias door and knocked on it, “hey I’m going to bed I got some leftovers in the fridge if you want any.” Then Holly walked to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and went to bed.

A few hours later the dog started barking, Holly opened her eyes and sighed, “Geogeria get her to shut up!” Holly shouted. However, the dog kept barking. Holly threw her blankets off the bed and stormed to her door and swung it open. Then she stopped, a large dark figure looked over at her with his hand on the doorknob to Georgia’s bedroom. Holly grabbed a small statue from the dresser outside her room and charged toward the figure. The stranger ran for the front door and Holly threw the statue towards him, but it only shattered against the door. “Get back here jackass!” Holly shouted flinging the front door back open and running into the hallway. She saw him standing in the elevator, but the door closed by the time she had gotten to it. Holly called the police and went back to her apartment. She turned the lights on and through the phone told them it looked like nothing was missing. She opened the door to Georgia’s room -it was unlocked. Holly switched on the light and Georgia looked up at her with squiting eyes. The dog lay beside her facing the door.

“What is it?” Georgia said rubbing her eyes with the back of her hands.

“The dog gets to stay,” Holly said and walked away.

Prompt: Write about two friends having a disagreement.

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 6

Sam walked a dirt path, the smell of pine filled his nose as he stepped on dead needles. His breath clouded the air, but the forest remained colorful. He watched as squirrels scurried around him. He adjusted his brown cap and switched his sack of potatoes to the other side of his shoulder. The sack was about half the size he was, -but he was the oldest and his dad had left before he was born. His sandy hair tickled his forehead as he made his way up the biggest hill he’d ever walked over. When he reached the top, he could see smoke rising above the forest where his house should be. His stomach growled at the thought of his mother cooking his favorite stew over the fireplace. Then his free fist clenched at the thought of Mathew taking his share of the food. He started to walk faster, but by the time he reached the bottom of the hill he tripped on a rock and the sack of potatoes hit the ground, half of them rolling away from him. He grumbled and started picking them up. He heard a soft whining in the distance.

Sam froze, his head staring in the direction of the sound. Then through the songs of birds he heard another whine. “Hello?” Sam said. He took a few steps towards the sound, his foot crunched on a pine cone as he went closer. Then he saw movement through a few bushes. Sam grabbed the longest stick he could find. Then he heard growling and Sam looked back to the worn dirt path where he had let his sack of potatoes stay. If his mother were there she would have told to keep walking or he wouldn’t get any seconds for dinner. But as he looked into the now still bushes he had to know. He had to know what creature had caused so much pain and suffering in his village.

With trembling hands he moved the stick into the bush. The growling got louder and Sam dropped the stick as soon as the creature had a hold of it. It moved out of the bushes shaking the stick in its mouth and tossing it to the side. It stared at Sam with its pale yellow eyes, this was it, this was the creature that had taken so many children his age. Then it began to whine again and turned towards it back leg and started to chew on it. Sam could now see that the creature was caught in a bear trap and had already chewed through some of it own fur. The wolf then watched Sam as he stepped closer and took out his last slice of bread out of his handkerchief. It wagged its tail as Sam threw it at him. “My mother said my father liked to feed wolves,” Sam began. “She said the village hated him for it, but she also said one day they was in the woods and this big bear tried to attack them when they were com’en home. Then this big wolf and his pack chased’em off.” The wolf’s tail stopped wagged and it again returned to chewing on its leg. It watched as the boy came closer, “I’m gonna help you cause I think I probably owe you one.” He stared into the wolves eyes as he reached for the bear trap and the wolf looked away. “But if you try to hurt me I’m never helping ya again you hear?” It took all the strength he had in his little arms to open the the trap. The wolf licked his face when he got his leg out, there were two deep wounds on both sides of his leg, but the wolf didn’t seem to be bothered by it. “This doesn’t us friends,” Sam said. “An’t nobody gonna want us together, so scram.”

Sam walked back to the dirt path and picked up his sack of potatoes and the wolf followed him. “I told ya to scram.” He threw a rock towards the wolf, but it didn’t move. Sam glared at the wolf, but it didn’t seem bothered by that either.   “Fine, but my mother better not see you,” he looked at the wolf with the corner of his eye when he said it. Sam walked all the way to the cabin with the wolf behind him.

Prompt: Write a story about a child who frees an animal.

The Secrets of the Wolves: Book Review

love books about animals, when I was little I read a lot of the Warrior Cats series. And now, after searching for a while a came across The Wolf Chronicles series. I feel in love with the main character before I had even reached page 50. I had read the first book The Promise of the Wolves last year and unfortunately I had decided not to make a review for it on my blog.

secrets of the wolvesKaala, the main character, is a wolf that just keeps on trying to do what is right despite of the crazy things that have happened to her throughout the series so far. I don’t think many people could be like her and at times I almost thought her character to be unrealistic due to her always trying to do that right thing. However, I find myself wanting to believe that being someone like her is possible. She’s not completely unrealistic in the sense that she’s never made any mistakes -but her mistakes so far seem to be very few.

Tali, Kaala’s human, is like Kaala in the sense that she wants to do the right thing. Although she makes more of a fuss when the leader of her tribe doesn’t listen to her. Based on how some of the men treat her in the story, I could honestly see myself acting out too. Kaala is a young wolf and sometimes her leaders won’t listen to her because of youth. However, they never decided not to listen to her because she was a female. 

I know it might sound strange for me to say that I like books like this a lot. It reminds me that still to this day sometimes men do things to women that isn’t fair and that even though they might not listen we still need to speak out. I’m glad a female wolf was chosen to be Tali’s wolf. Despite Kaala’s pack treating her better as a female, Kaala still might have a better understanding of what Tali might be going through. Kaala believes that Tali should be able to chose her own mate and I won’t be surprised if Kaala tried to run out of the Valley with Tali if her tribe refused to give her a choice.

I love how the theme of the book is mostly a journey Kaala has to take to find out the truth about how their ancestors wanted them to live. She has to find the lies and loopholes in the stories she’s been told when she was a pup. She has to talk to wolves she dislikes, go into the dreams of other creatures, find secrets about the great wolves and her rival packs.

Since this book is unique and since I’ve found it hard to find wolf books that dive deep into the life of what a wolf might be, I’m going to give it five stars. There’s too many wolf books that only have the perspective of a person observing them. Rarely are there books where the wolf is the main character -unless its a werewolf.


Writing Wednesday: Prompt 5

Prompt: Tell the story of a scar, whether a physical scar or emotional one.

I turned my car off as rain pattered onto the ground. I was behind an office building that had littler smashed onto the pavement. I put my black hood up and got out. The rain cooling my body as I walked along a sidewalk. The pain near my side was beginning to sting again as I walked behind the buildings. The pain he gave to me.

I jumped when something scattered against the pavement close to the ground and moved into the drains. A muskrat? A cat? I didn’t know for sure. My eyes scanned my surroundings, no one had seen me -other than whatever that thing was. I continued walking, my eyes darting everywhere.

I walked towards a brick wall that enclosed a dumpster. I got out the keys and unlocked the heavy metal door. I tensed as the rusty door squeaked when I pulled forward. I moved into the enclosed space and I was able to lock it from the inside. I put the keys back in my pocket and reached for the handgun at my side -the hoodie was big enough to conceal it. Then I waited, allowing my breath slow. I stood still, watching, waiting, looking at the green metal door about a hundred yards away from me. A dim light hung above it, giving the area a yellow tint. Plastic bags rolled with the wind along the ground, but I didn’t squirm. Now that I was in position there was only one thing on my mind. The door handle moved and I took the gun out of my belt. My eye looking straight at notch in front of my gun pointing at the green metal door. Then there he was, clean cut blond hair and a flawless completion. The look of an angel -for those that didn’t know him. An older man with him watched as the blond man locked the door. Bang! Blood came out the back of his head and fell to the ground. Just as the older man turned to look at me I closed my eyes.

And when I opened them I was back in the driver’s seat of my car.

December Reflection

reflectionI think this month has really helped me get better at balancing what I want to do with this blog and my work, family, and love life. I’ve found a way to be consistent with this blog while at the same time making sure it doesn’t become my life. Now that I’ve found a balance that works for me for now I’m going to present the plans I have for this blog:

Reflections will be consistent

I think reflections are super important especially since I’ll will probably never be done trying to fix this blog and trying to make it look better and more appealing to my viewers. Reflections also show how someons gets better at things over time. For example. writing 300 words for one blog post used to be hard for me. Now writing over 500 words is easy when I have the time.

Writing Wednesdays every Wednesday!

I’ve found that its been hard for me to focus on writing one thing and I think doing prompts every once in a while will help me use that to my advantage. I love it because my work schedule isn’t consistent so I can write whenever I want to and all I have to do is sit and write for a few hours and I’m already weeks ahead! The prompts help keep me from drawing a blank and help me think of ideas I might never have thought of on my own.

I will do reviews when I can..

To be honest I’m not really sure how I feel about reviews as this point. I think I just need to learn to get better at and remember to rate them. (You’d think I’d remember something as simple as that but I don’t) I think the hardest part about reviews is trying to get a discussion out of it. Especially since there are some many books and not all of us are reading the same thing.

I try to read on my breaks at work when I can and sometimes I’ll read at home whenever I’m at a certain part of a book that I like. So I think I’ll probably get in a review about once a month.

Random Stuff

I might also write stuff about health, veganism and poems when I find the motivation to do so. I don’t plan to be consistent with health and vegan posts because when I write those I don’t want to make people feel offended and I don’t want to rush myself to write something I care a lot about. I hope all of you will understand 🙂 Poems might become consistent, but I’m not completely sure if I’ll go through with it of not.


Happy blogging! 🙂

Why I Don’t Believe I needed Braces

Here I am at 12am crying and having another metal breakdown over something I thought was done haunting me. My parents made me get braces at the start of my freshman year -as well as an expander that I could barely talk with (I know in some cases cross-bite can be serious, but mine was barely noticeable). I spent the first two months of my freshmen year not talking to anyone. During a time when I should’ve been making friends and hanging out with people. I just didn’t want to because just saying simple sentences was so hard, I felt like a toddler walking among adults. I don’t think braces are completely terrible though -I do think people that have teeth that are arranged so badly that they can’t even chew should get them. However, I was not one of those people. All I had was a small gap between my front teeth, a slightly croaked bottom tooth -and I mouth that I guess was too small for their standards. I hated the whole experience, never before had I had any problems with my teeth both hygiene wise and aesthetically. Having braces made me feel like something ugly that needed to be fixed. And oh how still hate that feeling to this day! I felt like an animal forced into wearing this metal shit that hurt my mouth that wouldn’t even allow me to interact with my own friends. At that age it made me feel like I had no control over my life. Like my parents and doctors could do whatever the fuck they wanted with me to make sure I fit their standards.

On top of all of that, flossing is actually even harder than it used to be. I can’t even put floss between my teeth underneath my permanent retainer. A retainer which could possibly be made out of copper and nickel -which both metals can be toxic in large amounts. Which of course why would I be informed about this? Its seems they cared more about whether my teeth looked good than about my own health.

I am hoping to get these possibly toxic bars out of my mouth soon even if I have to pay for it myself. If they tell me they can’t do it I’m going to be really upset and it will probably result in me breaking down again. I never gave anyone my consent to put me through that shit so why should they have the right to continue to do so? I’m 19 now and I’m parents no longer have the right to force my body to look “normal.” Just this experience in itself has probably ruined so much of my childhood and its actually made me lose confidence in myself. Its like they were trying to train me not to be myself, but to be bent and molded into something society considered perfect -and to be bent and molded again when they changed their minds.

While I do think some people might need braces for health reasons, I still think orthodontists need to help their patients make more informative decisions rather than just trying to squeeze more money out of them. The negative side of effects that have happened to me are only just a few examples of what could happen. Other people might suffer from extreme root damage from braces and may eventually have to get implants for their teeth. So, of you’re going to get braces -whether for yourself or for your kids- please, please, don’t just take an orthodontists or dentists word for it. Really research how it affects not only teeth, but also other parts of the body. Too much copper can result in liver damage and neurological problems. Too much nickel can lead to lung inflammation and cause damage to the nasal cavities. Even titanium, another metal used in dental implants was found to have a slight impact of the lungs of certain sheep.

Happy blogging 🙂 And please make sure you stay informed!


The Role of Women

A long time ago if someone asked me what I would want to be when I grow up I would’ve said, “I want to work with animals.” I said this with my experience with animals being only my family pets. I didn’t think that I wouldn’t like it after I experienced it. After watching a lot of dogs that weren’t well trained, nearly gagging trying to pick up vomit and walking rescue dogs that I thought were going to rip my arm out of its socket. I decided I didn’t want to work with animals, I just wanted to work with my animals.

I’ve thought about going back to college, but I don’t want a long term career -unless I can stay at home. Honestly, after going around and around with want I want to do with my life I’m still conflicted. I’ve really just wanted to be a stay at home mom and be there for my kids, but at the same time I want to make something of myself in hopes that I won’t suffer from prenatal depression or something like that.

I know I don’t want to be that business mom that doesn’t nurse her kids, takes them to daycare and hardly knows anything about their daily lives. However, I also don’t want to feel like I’m going to be trapped in a room with children for the rest of my life.

Even though the role of women is changing and we’ve been given many more opportunities will that mean we have to do everything now? Work, clean the house, cook and take care of children. If I end up having to do everything then what’s the point of having a spouse? I know in most cases that situation might be pretty unlikely, but had I stayed with the wrong people that probably would’ve happened to me. It’s not that I don’t want to do any of those things either. If I could find a way to do all of those that would amazing. 

After trying a few things I think passive income is probably going to be my answer. If I can find a way to start making the income now and only have to put a little effort into it later on in life that would be perfect. The only question is what kind of passive income do I want to have. Real estate, books, youtube videos? That I’m not completely sure about. The only thing I am sure about is that though I don’t mind having a full time job now I probably will mind having it if I have to take care of a family and do “wifey duties.”

Even though this path might not be something every women wants. If you’re planning on having a family then please weigh these decisions carefully. I had a mom that worked full time when I was in school -but still pretty much a child. If she had been able to be around me a little more she probably would’ve been more aware of some of the metal illnesses I was experiencing at the time. She only knew the surface level of my life and probably to this day never understood the reality of my feelings at the time. Thankfully, I was able to find people that were able to take the time to help me through my mental issues. However, even though this was my experience please don’t push yourself too hard for your kids. And if your family is struggling to the point where you need a full time job then I’m sure your kids will understand later in life. Just remember that how you feel matters just as much as anyone else feelings.

Happy blogging! 🙂